Smartphones that you should look forward to this 2016

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In our generation, we sure could not deny that the small devices that was once used for communication is a basic necessity nowadays; our cellphones. When it was first introduced to us, its only use is to do long distance communication without the hassle of going to post offices to send notes, letters, and other things you want to tell other people. Now, that is only one of the things that a cellphone does. Many years have passed and the face of the cellphone has changed in so many ways; in this article, I am going to dictate a few of the smartphones that you should look forward to this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

One of the companies who makes sure they are on top of the smartphone game, Samsung. Samsung releases a new phone every year in order to compensate or to improve their latest release. This year, one of the greatest and most known series will have an addition. The S7 and S7 Edge, really not that different from last year’s S6 and S6 Edge; their design and physical output is almost the same with the S7 being 5.1” and the S7 Edge being 5.5”, resolution is still 2560×1440.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

It’ll also be waterproof for about 1.5 meters in 30 minutes so you should not worry if it gets near water or if it is raining, wireless charging, 4GB of RAM and will run on Android OS, v6.0 Marshmallow.

This year’s addition will have a slightly larger interface, will have 12mp camera with a faster autofocus than the previous products of the series.   The S7 Edge, however, will be 1mm thicker because Samsung improved the battery so it can last longer, it also has the new feature “always on” which allows you to always see the time and date but you can also make the customization of what you want to see on always on. I can assure you that this will be one of the greatest releases this year for smartphones; a solid and outstanding product.


Of course, Korean company LG will not allow themselves to be left behind. The Korean giant will release the G5, the next flagship smartphone of LG. Its predecessor, the LG G4 would surely be envious of its successor because of the improvements it acquires.

Best Smartphone in 2016 - LG G5

The LG G5 will be a 5.3” smartphone with 32 GB of expandable memory via the micro SD slot which can be expanded up to 2TB. One astound thing that this smartphone has is it’ two primary cameras; yes, two primary cameras. One is a 16-mp camera with a 75 degree field of view and another is an 8-mp camera with a 135 degree field of view and is called ultra-wide angle; a real sight for sore eyes, along with the 8-mp camera on the front.

The reason why I think this addition is noticed a lot by smartphone enthusiasts is the fact that it now has “FRIENDS”; these so-called friends are the accessories that you can boot up to your LG G5 which is to improve certain aspects of the device such as the camera, the sounds, etc. Because of the innovation of the improvements, we can all be assured that this smartphone will be one of the best this year.

 iPhone 7

Well even though we are uncertain about the iPhone 7, Apple of course would not let other smartphone companies win the game. Every year, Apple releases a brand new addition to their infamous worldly-known iPhone.

Best smartphone in 2016 - iPhone 7

We expect that the iPhone 7 will have a brand new, state of the art look since Apple updates the design on a 2-year cycle. There are also rumors that this addition will not have a headphone socket anymore, that the home button will be now part of the screen.

Although the iPhone 7 will not be released until the second half of this year, we sure are certain and delighted that this phone will really stand out of its kind. Apple is trying to improve everything that needs to be improved in order to deliver what’s best for its consumers.

There are a lot of smartphone releases this year, these 3 are just the most noticed and most talked about, of course. Visit websites that show when and where it will be launched in your country in order for you to save yourself a seat at the show; for you to have a kind of meet and greet with the smartphone. Really, who knew this would happen? A small device you once used only for messaging and calling now can be used for almost anything. Stay tuned for latest updates regarding smartphone releases this year!

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