8 Great Tricks to Get Promoted


In our careers, earning huge salaries is not just our goal. For some, they want to explore more on the things they love doing, some want to enjoy what they’re doing now and are contented, while some, aim for a higher position and if not, the highest position. There are tons of ways in order for you to move up the corporate ladder but these 8 tricks can get you there without you even knowing it.

Challenge superiors

One way that you are evaluated is when you talk to your superiors even if you are outside the office. Bosses and leaders like to be questioned; questioned in a sense that you know what you are talking about that you have a point regardless of how your boss thinks he’s right. But do not mistake it for regularly arguing with your boss, make it to a point that what you’ll say can positively impact both you and your boss’s employment.

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Develop mentoring relationships

It is not shameful to ask leaders or people in higher positions than you to coach you or to mentor you with your job and even personally. There is a study found that four (4) out of five (5) promotions, are people who had mentoring relationships with their superiors and helped spread good word about them. Think about it, it is also for your improvement and betterment anyway. Do not be afraid to ask for guidance and assistance because your superiors will know that you aim to improve and to do better at what you are doing.

Learn something new everyday

Education does not stop once you graduate and in fact – it’s just starting all over again. Be the type of person whom your superior would love because you enable yourself to learn more and to learn things around your career by heart. Ask questions; do not be afraid to repeat things over and over again because that process is what you’ll need for you to learn. Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

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Ask superiors how you can be of aid

People who have the initiative are the people who can help make the company grow. If you are not served something for the day, ask your boss how you can be of help to them in order to help them grow or even the company. Do not just wait for your boss to give you something to work on; if you do not have something, ask your boss how you can help.

Provide solutions

There will of course come times wherein all of you will be facing the same problem and I am not to discuss that. Come up with ideas or plans on your own and proudly promote it to your superior. Bosses love people who have the initiative in solving problems and in doing things. The rule is: Never ever bring up a problem without a possible solution to recommend. Brainstorm with your peers, ask for advice and for opinion – never stay afloat.

Be a team player

It is definitely understandable that there are people who prefer to work alone but that won’t actually work out for you if you are looking to get promoted.   Even if that’s the case, you can turn that to an opportunity to being a team player by having people come to you for assistance or whatnot.

A lot of works are accomplished by teamwork and it becomes better if you share that accomplishment with other people. Brainstorm with your peers – let other people do their jobs; do not carry the burden of the world.

Construct your own network

People who you work with most definitely know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Build your network by surrounding yourself with people that you personally know. Most of us fail to distinguish our strengths and weaknesses because we are blind from it and having people tell that to us is actually a blessing. Come up with ways on how you can create a network that is keen on helping each other achieve a goal – keep that network.

Moving up the ladder is not an easy task and it cannot be done overnight. Of course, you will need to invest knowledge, skills, and time in order for you to achieve that. Just always remember that planning ahead of time is the best skill because being good at something without organization is just as bad as how you can imagine it.

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