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If we’re talking about OFWs, there would be a list of destinations that would definitely come to mind; the Middle East, Canada, and New Zealand. These countries are among the top countries Filipinos choose if they’re planning to work abroad. Why? Well I can’t specifically answer that question but one thing is for sure: the economy and the pay is good in almost all jobs in those countries. Although these are among the top countries, there are certain countries that Filipinos choose to work in as well. China (Hong Kong) is also one of the countries Filipinos aim for. However, there were recent changes in policies and identification in Hong Kong.

A few years back, Hong Kong decided to have a Smart identity card that would serve as the main platform for personal identification. After years of waiting, the newly-designed Hong Kong Smart identity card is finally here. Complete with additional security features and designs, it really is a treat for the eyes.

Photo: SCMP

This change was done because of the widespread of identity thefts, misinformation on personal identity, and many other problems.

The color of these cards is light blue, bright pink, and light green. A colored photo of the owner on the left-hand side of the card and a laser one on the right. As per the Legislative Council papers sent by the Security Bureau. The Hologram with wave and 3D effect and the see-through window are among the more identifying features on the front. On the back, you will be able to see the Hong Kong skyline in UV light.

Another feature that the card has is its rainbow-like color. In addition, the hologram with 3D waves. These make it hard to fake the ID itself.

In estimation, the cost of the ID is about HK$54.6 ($7 million). All of which would be incurred in this financial year. 40% of the funds will be going to the building of the card replacement centers and 40% for the development.

Citizens of the country warmly welcome this new change. They enjoy the idea of this new item because of its security and aesthetics. Some reported to have loved the new design because of its bright colors while some are not very fond of it. Moreover, there are also people who love it because of the security of the card itself.

Right now, a lot of Chinese people who are locals are now confident that this new ID will be very difficult to counterfeit. Furthermore, it gives them that peace of mind that they identity will be kept safe and confidential. Filipinos living there enjoy this new band too because it can be considered as one of the most valid and legitimate pieces of information and because of how it looks like as well, of course.

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