7 Cool Instagram tricks you probably did not know

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Right now, the game of the mobile age has been changed; from text, to photos and videos, it is safe to say that Instagram bears a lot of fans and followers.   Throughout the years, all you thought that it was just a pool to where you can dump good photos into – it is not. In this article, you will learn seven (7) of the coolest Instagram tricks that you can use to show off to your friends and followers.

Instagram tricks
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1. Think outside the “box”

Through its entire existence, we knew that Instagram only allows photos that are taken on a portrait position. Just recently, Instagram let us free from that and now they allow posting photos that are rectangular or landscape in format thus, getting outside the square shape or the “box.” To do this, simply click on the icon on the bottom-left hand side corner to toggle between landscape and portrait. Another way is by zooming your image out in the cropping prompt in order to maintain the original aspect ratio.

2. Manage data usage

In a way, Instagram admits that data consumption is one of their forte however, they help you save a lot of stress and a lot of data by their feature of enabling you to utilize less data whenever you are out of wi-fi range. Go to Options > and under Settings, select Cellular Data Use. Once tapped, it will redirect you to an option where it says Use Less Data for your efficient data usage.

Just be reminded that by doing so causes a little bit of slack to your Instagram experience whenever you are on cellular data.

3. From your phone to your computer

Ever dreamt of having your “Instagrammed” photos from your phone downloaded to your computer for a better and a more scenic view of what you have captured? There is a tool called Instaport which allows people to do this. Here is how you can do it:

  • Download Instaport in your PC
  • Once brought to the Sign in page, sign in with your Instagram account
  • Authorize the app to go over your Instagram content
  • Customize what you want to be downloaded by the export options and then click, Export
  • Wait for the download to finish (files are in .zip file so you need to unzip them)

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4. Using filters without posting

Are you one of those who just dig the filters of Instagram itself where you came to a point that you just want to use the filters without ever posting the photo? Well lucky you, this can be done and in the most legal way. Putting your phone on Flight Mode or Airplane Mode while taking photos in Instagram causes the upload to fail halfway through right? When this happens, the photo that is supposed to be taken is brought to your gallery for future posting (if that’s what you intend to do).

5. Be one with the #hashtag trend

Almost all instageeks are aware that hashtags are the key to publicity and fame (of course, when your account is in public). You can go over hashtags that have been used in a lot of posts simply by letting the data fill in before you finish a tag. For example, if you uploaded a photo that used an editing app called VSCO Cam, you will use the hashtags #vsco, right? That doesn’t end there; there will be pop-ups as to what more tags you can use in order to swing your photo to the sea of tags and let it be known there.

6. Want to be featured by Instagram?

Getting featured by Instagram is probably a dream for all instagram lovers out there. Although it is not common and it is as rare as it may seem, the site features people who have consistent type of photos (editing, type of photo, filter, etc.) to their own instagram profile. If you are one of the very few who have been blessed by this, then behold because in just a couple of minutes, you will be known by a lot of Instagram fans.

7. The Instagram Gods

It is always good to look at those who are on top in order for you to do what they are doing and for you to have the opportunity to be one of them, correct? There is an app which is called Hunstgram which makes you find feeds tailor-fit to what you are looking for. For now, the app is only supported in iOS but of course we will be the first to let you know if it becomes available in Android.

Aside from this, you can also search for other people who are slightly acquainted to you in the “instasphere” by tapping on the like button a.k.a the heart button; this is the panel where you see notifications like people who liked your photos but the other panel which says “Following” lets you discover more than just yourself and the people around you.

So now you know a thing or two about Instagram that you probably did not know before. These seven (7) useful tricks will surely get along with you until the time they become unavailable. Stay tuned for more tutorials like this and remember, shoot memories not people.

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