10 Safety Tips In Using ATMs

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Thousands of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are scattered nationwide. Although there are some people who are not really fond of utilizing banks, majority of us still depend on these machines for our cold hard cash. Of course, you wouldn’t want to walk around with limps of bills in your pocket, would you? There are a lot of people who became victims of ATM scams and frauds. Why? Maybe because they weren’t aware that the thieves can manipulate some of these.

Furthermore, they never knew that some can hack their account PINs and get away with it without a sweat. So in this article, we will be providing some of the ATM safety tips you should always bear in mind to avoid accidents and catastrophes that could endanger your finances.

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1. Be sure to prepare your ATM card ready before approaching the ATM.

2. Use ATMs that are familiar and that are exposed in public areas. Although I have nothing against ATMs located in secluded areas, it is just that it’s safer. In addition, public places are also less likely to be targeted by robbers and thieves.

3. Before using ATMs, try and feel the keypad if it’s legitimate. There are scams that take fake keypads on top of ATM keypads to reveal the PIN of a certain ATM card.

4. NEVER use ATMs that are tampered or weathered. As much as possible, find ATMs that are in good condition. Call the bank if you notice these conditions for them to replace it.

5. Never disclose your PIN to ANYONE. If you trust someone like your family or your partner, be sure to tell them not to tell someone else about this.

6. Although nowadays, lines for the ATM should be at least a feet away, it’s still best to cover up the whole of the screen and shield the keypad when you are typing your PIN and amount. There are “shoulder surfers” or “shoulder hackers” who will try to peek at what you’re doing.

7. If you see that the ATM is not working properly before making a transaction, cancel it immediately and retrieve your card. Use another ATM if possible and report this instance to the bank.

8. Never let other people handle/use your ATM card. Even if you know they do not know its PIN, just be on the safe side.

9. Before leaving the ATM, make sure that both your CASH and your ATM CARD is secured. Ensure that you place it in your wallet or in your bag.

10. If your ATM card gets lost or stolen, immediately report this incident to your bank. They can freeze the account so that your funds will remain secured.

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I know that these tips might seem basic but these things are actually the most important ones. Learning this could make or break the situation. Follow these guidelines and ensure a secured and a well-protected account.

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