Getting a UnionBank savings account is actually not far from the process on how you can get a regular savings account. One of the most distinguishable factors is just that it is called EON Visa Debit Card and for which contains features that can astound and amaze you. So in this article, you will be guided on how you can open an account with UnionBank under high-tech features and utilizations.

You may be wondering of the “features” I mentioned earlier in the article. Honestly, nothing special but the quickness and the flexibility of the EON Visa Debit Card makes it among the top contenders in the field. Some of these features are:

  • Transactions can be done hassle-free. No branches, passbooks, transaction slips, or whatever. You can do your transactions in just under a minute if you are connected to the internet.
  • Balance inquiries can be done swiftly and accordingly.
  • No minimum balance to maintain.
  • You can also use EON to pay your bills online – all you have to do is to encode your billing information and the amount to be paid. A confirmation number will then serve as your receipt for every transaction made.

It’s that easy and furthermore, the application process has never been easy all made by high-technological advances that make our lives easier and better. So how do you proceed with the application?

  1. Duly accomplish the online application form. You will then receive an SMS notification after completing the form which will give you your reference number and the Union Bank branch as to where you can pick-up your card. It is important to take note of this information.
  2. Visit your selected UnionBank pick-up branch by going back to the SMS notification that was sent to you.
  3. Submit the requirements that UnionBank implemented. These requirements are:
    • Proof of billing
    • 00 (for your first annual fee)
    • Original copies and photocopies of two (2) valid photo-bearing IDs. Make sure that you bring valid IDs that are only in this list to avoid interruption and confusion:
      • Passport, including those issued by foreign governments
      • Seaman’s book
      • Driver’s license
      • NBI clearance
      • GSIS e-Card/SSS card
      • License to own/Permit to carry firearm
      • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) identification card/Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) identification cards
      • Tax identification card
      • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)/Immigrant Certificate og Registration (ICR)/Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV)/PRA Special Resident Visa (SRRV)
      • OFW identification card
      • Government office and GOCC identification cards (e.g., Armed Forces of the Philippines, Home Development Mutual Fund, etc.)
      • OFW identification card
      • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) identification card
      • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled (NCWDO)
      • Police clearance
      • Digitized voter’s identification card
      • DSWD Certification
      • Company identification cards issued by private entities or institutions registered or supervised or regulated either by the BSP, SEC or the Insurance Commission
      • Senior citizen identification card
      • Postal identification card
      • Barangay certification
  4. After submitting the requirements, you will now then receive your EON Visa Debit Card from the branch where you were instructed to pick it up from. The features and benefits of the EON Visa Debit Card are now just at the palm of your hands.


  • Take note that this process can happen in a span of 3-5 business days (or more) depending on the branch and depending on how well you comply with the requirements that the bank has implemented.
  • Remember the important things: SMS Notification – Reference Number and Union Bank branch.

You may be telling yourself, that’s it? Because you may think that the features are common for banks nowadays but wait until you personally experience the EON Visa Debit Card. I am pretty certain that you will be stunned by how amazing it is. What are you waiting for? Apply for one now and grab the priceless opportunity to experience banking in a different level.

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