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The leading Television network in the Philippines is now offering SMS, voice and mobile internet through ABS-CBN Mobile a mobile telephony brand of ABS-CBN Convergence.

May of 2013 when ABS-CBN Convergence signed a 3 billion network agreement with Globe Telecom to create a new telephony brand called ABS-CBN Mobile. The TV network will pay the amount of bandwidth their subscribers used to Globe.

ABS-CBN Mobile runs through the infrastructure of Globe Telecom. One of the feature of ABS-CBN Mobile is the unlimited access to ABS-CBN contents through iWanTV mobile application.

With more or less 200 thousand subscribers, ABS-CBN Mobile offers unlimited promos to their subscribers like the 50 pesos one day unlimited access to iWanTV application where you can watch your favorite ABS-CBN Shows anytime anywhere.

This post will list down all the unlimited promos of ABS-CBN mobile.

ABS-CBN Mobile Internet Promo

ABS-CBNmobile Internet Promo

Kapamilya Online Load Unli 50 – One day unlimited internet
How to register: Text KOLU50 to 2135

Kapamilya Online 15 – Up to 30 MB of internet data, valid for one day
How to register: Text KOL15 to 2135

Kapamilya Online 20 – Up to 45 MB of internet data, valid for one day
How to register: Text KOL20 to 2135

Kapamilya Online 50 – Up to 120 MB of internet data, valid for 3 days
How to register: Text KOL50 to 2135

Kapamilya Online 299 – Up to 800 MB of internet data, valid for 30 days
How to register: Text KOL299 to 2135

Kapamilya Online 449 – Up to 1200 MB of internet data, valid for 30 days
How to register: Text KOL449 to 2135

ABS-CBN Mobile Call and Text Promo

ABS-CBN mobile Call and Text Promo

Kapamilya Text All Net Unli 10 – Unlimited  texts to ABS-CBNmobile, Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk n’ Text and TM, valid for one day.
How to register: Text KTANU10 to 2135

Kapamilya Text All Net 5 – 20 texts to All networks, 1 hr daily iWanTV access via WiFi*, valid for one day.
How to register: Text KTAN5 to 2135

Kapamilya Text All Net 15 – 75 texts to All networks, valid for two days.
How to register: Text KTAN15 to 2135

ABS-CBN Mobile Call Promo

Kapamilya Call All Net 20 – Php 5.00 per min. call rate to ALL networks, valid for two days.
How to register: Text KCAN20 to 2135

ABS-CBN Mobile Online Messaging Promo


Kapamilya Unli Chat 15 – Unlimited Texts & 10 minutes Calls to ABS-CBN mobile Unlimited Viber, valid for one day.
How to register: Text KUC15 to 2135

Kapamilya Unli Chat 20 – Unlimited KakaoTalk, Line, Viber, WeChat & WhatsApp, Unlimited Texts & 10 minutes call to ABS-CBNmobile, valid for one day.
How to register: Text KUC20 to 2135

Kapamilya Online Plus – Unli Viber Chat and Calls, 100 MB for mobile surfing, 75 texts to ALL networks, valid for two days.
How to register: Text KOLP60 to 2135

The ABS-CBN Mobile promo listed above are for prepaid users only for postpaid subscribers and updated list of promos visit ABS-CBN mobile website. Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

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