How To Deal With Homesickness If You’re An OFW


Working to provide for your family is already tiring; combining that with being away from them is a double whammy. OFWs strive and  persevere far from their families to achieve a better future for them. Being away means not being there for special days like their birthdays even some holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Currently, depression has hit the big stage after taking down numerous big names. Homesickness can lead to depression; our OFWs are never exempted from that because there would be times when they will feel it. Although some can cope with it, some are not very good in handling it. Take note that even OFWs and expatriates who have been away long enough encounter and feel this once in a while. This alone is already a pretty good reason why we really need to take note of homesickness.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the tips and guides on how OFWs can manage homesickness. It’s not gonna be easy. Moreover, this can include managing time wisely and being open to a lot of opportunities and changes.

At first, you would think that the things listed here are basic. But if you come to think about it, they really are legitimately true especially at times when you’re feeling that it’s just you against the world.

Write yourself a diary


Although it sounds unrealistic and not really helpful but it really is. Writing can ease out the pain and sadness by putting it into words. It will help you think and feel things more; it will help you and will be effective when you’re feeling sad.

Chat with your family

Whenever you’re feeling lonely and down, chatting with your family can be of good help. Take advantage of the technology that you have to further connect with your family even if you’re thousands of kilometers away. Get in touch with them with just a few clicks and taps on your devices.

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Learn a new skill

Being bored is somehow because of you knowing almost everything that revolves around your life. Try and learn a new skill; an instrument, art, business, or whatever it is that you want to learn to keep yourself interested and curious. Never let emotions get the best out of you, you always have a way out.

Watch movies

There are tons of free online movie streaming websites that you can maximize not to be bored or sad. Plus, there are different theater houses in different countries that home different types of movies that are tailor-fit for movie lovers. Another alternative is to watch TV shows; watching those is like bringing a piece of yourself wherever you go.

Make new friends

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll meet new friends in your journey. Having someone physically present to talk to and to spend time with is probably the best way to overcome sadness. Make new friends so you have someone to talk to. I’m pretty sure that they’re also looking for someone to talk to as well; that you have the same feelings.

Work out


Exercising is not only good for our physicality, but to our mental health as well. It helps us, it trains us to focus. It teaches us to endure pain even if we’re under pressure; it allows us to think through the negativity of pain and loneliness. Work out every once in a while; let yourself be succumbed to the feeling of endurance and perseverance. You will just be surprised that one day, you’ll be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.

Travel and discover new things

Even if you’re abroad, you’re not stuck to the fact that you cannot learn anymore. Travel, explore, and discover new things. With this, you’ll be able to be more curious about everything around you; from your environment, the people, the society etc. Furthermore, discovering new things will always be exciting because of the fact that you do not know what will happen.


This may sound unhelpful but it really is. Praying can always make your day brighter and can even help you clear your mind out. Have God with you in every battle and adventures you face; you might not know the simple but best things that can happen.

Have a new hobby

If you’re feeling lonely and sad, it’s probably because you’re doing the same things over and over again. In line with discovering new things, try and find a new hobby you can do. With this, you’ll be able to direct your time and your curiosity into something else other than being sad and lonely. Consider a new hobby to spend your time to; you’ll be able to notice the changes when it comes to you being lonely.

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Remember why you went abroad

Thinking of the reason why you went abroad can actually get you a long way. At par with everything in this list, remember why you’re working; remember why you chose to leave and to earn money; do not get blinded by temporary thoughts and sadness. Think about your family, think about their future – your future.

Although these things might seem pretty basic, these actually can change a person’s mindset while they’re abroad. It’s inevitable to be sad especially if you’re alone away from your families. Follow these tips to free yourself from these emotions and enjoy the rest of your stay while being an OFW. Homesickness is something that is real; it’s not imaginary, it’s not transparent. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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