How to learn WordPress in a week or less?

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Are you looking to develop a strong knowledge and a sound background of WordPress? For starters, the good news is that WordPress is officially one of the easiest programming languages and platforms for website or blog development to learn currently available.

Another good news is that, despite its ease and convenience, it is nowhere short on demand and it has also become the most frequently used program to develop websites and website based engines. This is all because of the amazing contributions from different programmers and also the WordPress’s capacity to customize and grow with time.

Learn WordPress

About 22% of all the websites on the internet have a basic platform developed by the use of WordPress program, this means if you are an aspiring developer or looking to develop a good functioning website, then learning WordPress becomes absolutely important for you.

Apart from its functional value of creating amazingly developed websites, WordPress is a great platform to share, communicate and solve technical website problems with its contribution community which is always active and online. Today’s blog is going to tell all the developers to be about the basic things to learn about WordPress and develop a strong knowledge in a week or less.

Setting up the WordPress and knowing what you need to learn

When you are starting to develop your knowledge and background of this software, get this straight on that you will not have to focus on any specific language for now. A lot of programmers think that the understanding of the WordPress comes with knowing languages like HTML 5 or JAVA, which is completely a myth.

WordPress basic knowledge comes from slowly spending and investing few hours in understanding its setup and interface which is fairly simple. You can start with and get your site registered, based on your credentials. Once you have done the initial, you will be taken to the basic interface which you experiment with without any rigidity.

Knowing the WordPress foundation

WordPress foundation is based on three major things. Categories and Sections, Posts and Pages and finally plugins. You will need to understand and differentiate between each of these things in order to smoothly work on developing your site. Each element has its own use and importance. You can start learning all this by going through the WordPress dictionary available free on the internet along with a video tutorial.

Giving one day to each section

Once you know the basic premise of the three important elements of WordPress, it is time to invest hours or a day to getting familiar with the use of each element. Get to know the Categories and Sections, move up to Posts and Pages and finally Plugins is where you will spend a significant time as it takes a bit of effort to get fully acquainted with the use and importance of plugins.


The final element of WordPress after the initial understanding is to know the themes section. Themes are like the sketches of your website or a template in which your site will model itself. They are important as a different theme can have a different look to your website.

Author Bio: Jerome Sam is the author of this blog post. Jerome is a website developer who actively contributes blogs on the WordPress community and website Assignment Help UK, Jerome uses his spare time to provide useful insights in the shape of posts and blogs.

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