Mac OS X is a series of Unix-based graphical interface OS designed to run Mac Computers, develop and marketed by Apple Inc. If you're a Mac OS X user and a beginner you can find here some simple Guides and Tips that will make you more productive.
MacBook laptop essentials

MacBook laptop essentials

So you just got your new MacBook, either MacBook Pro or MacBook air and you cannot think of ways... Read more
remote desktop access

How to Setup Remote Desktop Access using TeamViewer

When you want to control any computers or devices remotely, for whatever reason you can easily use free software that you... Read more

How to disable or mute Browsers Sounds on Mac

When you are new with your MacBook pro, iMac or other Mac OSX computer I'm sure you are looking... Read more
How to delete files on Mac Step 1

How to Delete Files on Mac

Unlike in Windows you can permanently delete the files without moving into the trash or recycle bin. With the combination... Read more

How to Know if your Intel-based Mac has 32-bit or 64-bit Processor

The category of processors has divided into two, the 32-bit and 64-bit, the difference of these two can be... Read more
Mac OS X Mavericks

How to Update or Install Mac OS X Mavericks

Recently, Apple Inc. makers of Machintosh OS released their new version of Mac OS code name Mavericks. If you... Read more

How to turn off backlit or backlight of MacBook Pro keyboard

The release of the new MacBook Pro model with backlit keyboard is very useful, especially when you are typing... Read more
How to Format USB Stick in Mac OS

How To Format USB Stick or Flash Drive on Mac OSX

This simple step by step instruction on how to format a flash drive on a Mac OSX was made... Read more

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