Tips to Cool Down your Overheating Phone


It’s not surprising that your phone might be overheating if it has been exposed to direct sunlight or has been left in a hot car. But other factors, such as those inside the phone or those outside it, can also cause excessive heat, which is one of the reasons you’re reducing the lifespan of your phone.

Smartphones store a lot of our crucial data. So knowing these factors and other potential causes of your overheating phone is a good idea. When your cellphone starts to burn up, you should be aware what it signifies and what you may do to cool it down. In this article, we are going to share with you some tips on how to cool down your overheating phone.


First, you have to know the reasons why your smartphone is overheating. According to Chelsea Brook, a digital experience manager at Genentech, one of the main causes of a phone overheating is having too many background applications active. This was supported by Damien Mason, a technical writer for ProPrivacy, according to him, having multiple apps open “causes the processor and RAM to work overtime, which inevitably strains the battery.”

If you haven’t cleaned the cache in your web browser, your phone may also overheat. According to Ashbrook, “excess files, cookies and cache force the phone to work harder to retrieve data, which can result in overheating.” Your phone may also overheat if you use outdated hardware or software, as well as if you use it frequently and leave it plugged in.


TIP 1: Remove your smartphone from the heat.

“Most modern smartphones have internal temperature sensors,” says Tom Paton, founder of Green Smartphones. “When they begin to get too hot, your phone might give you a push notification, warning that it’s overheating. If the temperature rises further, the phone will likely switch itself off to prevent damage to the processor and other components.”

TIP 2: Shut down your apps.

“Simple physics explains this reason,” says Ben Hartwig, web operations executive at InfoTracer. “If the user is on the phone all day long and if multiple apps are running simultaneously, high use of the processor and the electrical chips within the phone generate heat.”

TIP 3: Stay Updated.

You must ensure that your programs are running the most recent version in addition to keeping your operating system updated. “If mobile apps aren’t updated, they require higher use of RAM and processors,” Hartwig says. “New software and updates are produced regularly, and each update increases the minimum hardware requirements for the phone to run smoothly,” says Ajinkya Mishra, consumer tech expert at DevsJournal. “Old hardware can struggle to meet the requirements of new software, and even simple tasks such as sending emails can start overheating your phone,” she adds.

TIP 3: Stop overcharging your phone.

“Overcharging is another usual cause of overheating, so once your phone reaches 100% charge, be sure to unplug it,” says Eloise Tobler, smartphone expert at Wisetek Store. “Otherwise, your phone will just begin to build unnecessary charge, which generates excess heat.”

If you use your gadget while it’s plugged in, it won’t get the rest it needs. Using your phone while simultaneously charging is called ‘pass-through charging,’ which heats up phones dramatically, explains by technology expert Nick Wolny.

TIP 4: Take your phone out of the case.

Similar to how you take off clothing when you are too hot, taking the case off your phone will help it cool down. “Many cell phone cases don’t have good airflow and can cause your phone to overheat quickly,” says Josh Wright, CEO of CellPhoneDeal. “Beware of ‘life-proof’ cases that are heavily rubberized, as they can block vents and make it harder for our phones to cool down when in use,” Wolny explains.

TIP 5: Keep other electronic devices away from your phone.

It’s recommended, according to Molly White of UBreakIFix, to keep your phones apart from your other technology. “Stacking your running phone, tablet and computer together in a bag makes them more susceptible to overheating,” White says. “Keep them separate to help keep them cool.”

TIP 6: Activate the airplane mode.

In addition, White advises activating airplane mode to help your phone cool down. “If your phone has low or no signal, it may be working overtime searching for a connection, which can lead to your phone warming up,” White says. “Turn on airplane mode until you’re back in an area with coverage.”

TIP 7: Turn off your phone.

Lastly, turning off your phone is one of the greatest ways to cool it down if everything else fails. Will Manuel, president and chief executive officer of the mobile app and website development company Core Mobile Apps, claims that turning off your phone for 30 to 60 seconds can help “the heat to dissipate within the phone and reset some of the memory-intensive processes that may have been causing the phone to overheat.”

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