Top Paying Jobs for Fresh Grads in the Philippines

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As you put a check mark on the “Graduation” check box in your life goals, it is not the end. In fact, it is just the beginning of a new and more difficult world – easier for some. Fresh graduates yearn to land on the job they have studied or better – land on the job they dream of doing. But that is not always the case because there are a lot of people who look for a job everyday so you can’t be sure of getting the job you want. In this article, we listed the top paying jobs for fresh graduates here in our country in the year 2016.

According to statistics, the average salaries for fresh graduates ramped up by 9% since the year 2014 and it is not bad considering the proportion of workers and jobs here in our country. Jobstreet’s findings are based on the jobs posted on their website that started October last year until December with the help of their 24, 000 employers. According to them, these specializations pay them the highest:

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Jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector reflected as the most lucrative career in terms of salaries for fresh graduates. It showed that IT graduates who landed on a career they have studied earned an average monthly wage of Php22, 567. 00 and this is based on the near-end days of last year. These jobs are IT-related jobs which include Computer Technicians and Web Administration Staff.

Coming in 2nd are the jobs in the Actuarial/Statistics sector. They receive a monthly average of Php21, 391. 00 and jobs in this field include Workforce Associate and Operations Review Analyst. As you can see, the two jobs are dominant in the BPO industry which is establishing a pretty good face in our local market.

In 3rd place, Law/Legal Service snatches the position which offers its workers an average of Php21, 132. 00. Jobs in this field include Legal Clerk and Contract Analyst. Of course, if you continue to study law then you would have better chances of earning more because you will be the boss of your own – an Attorney.

Completing the top 7 are: Healthcare related professions (P20, 048. 00), Journalist/Editors (P19, 808. 00), Training and Development (P19, 723. 00), and Quality Control/Assurance (P19, 337.00).

Although a lot of fresh grads fail to take on and journey with what they have accomplished, it is still not an ache to know that these jobs can offer fresh graduates a good start in life. Now that you know what careers can pay well, what do you think your passion may be?

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