Tips in order for your Instagram Market to be successful

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A lot of Filipinos now are using their ability to search the internet to buy things instead of going to malls to look for the stuff they need. These include shoes, apparel, food, devices, even services are now being a part of the marketplace of Instagram. If you are business-minded and you want to establish an Instagram market, be reminded that it is not easy and it requires a lot of patience and hard work to get to the position you desire. But what do you need in order to ensure the success that you want out of your Insta-Market (if you are planning to open one)?

Why Choose an Instagram Market instead of a physical one?

Having an online shop is now becoming a powerful edge because almost all Filipinos now who are in dire need to look for things have access to the internet. It is becoming a center place where both sellers and buyers meet and therefore people should take good advantage of that. And besides, having an online marketplace can keep you safe from tragedies like a robbing or something; just make sure you don’t give out important details.

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Aside from these, having your shop online will save you the cost of location and renovation of a shop. You can use your own home to be the location where you will load your supplies. Although shipping can be a hassle, you can arrange for meet-ups at locations where your customers won’t feel trouble.

So what are the major tips in order for your Instagram Market to be successful?

  1. Be Direct. Have everything in your profile; numbers to contact, information about shipping fee (if you have), how long the products will be delivered, etc. Give them every piece of the pie in your profile so that they won’t have a hard time contemplating about the rules and regulations of your own shop.
  2. Using advertisers isn’t much of a cost. There are advertisers that cost less than Php200.00 a week; be sure to walk around the market of endorsers and advertisers and save yourself for the best deal possible.
  3. Philippine shops often have SFS or Shoutout-for-Shoutout. If you are not familiar with it, it is a strategy done by shops on Instagram wherein they help each other by promoting the merchandise and products of other shops in payment of you doing the same favor for them. This leads to staggering number of sales simply because there are shops that have followers that might be interested in what you have to offer so use this technique.
  4. Ask for customer feedback and be honest about it. A lot of customers use this to weigh whether and establishment can be trusted or not so make sure to ask for their feedback and post it.
  5. Use #Hashtags but be moderate with it. You don’t want to look like someone who needs irrelevant attention.
  6. Never ever stop and be tired of answering inquiries. Most shops in the Philippines use Viber for their negotiations and some only use the DM (Direct Message) on IG. Be sure to study and utilize what is best.

These are the basic and most common ways to be assured that your shop will start clean and slowly. Study tactics, offer more and offer new things to your customers so they will never get tired of what you can give them; be courteous and be humble and keep in touch with your customers.

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