Here’s How to Set an Appointment For the Voter’s Registration Using iRehistro


Did you know that you can set an appointment for the voter’s registration? Yes, the Commission on Elections, or more commonly known as the COMELEC, opened their online appointment-setting facility last month – which is the iRehistro.

Set an Appointment for Voter's Registration Online!
This image was taken from COMELEC (via CNN Philippines)

Today, we’ll discuss how you can use iRehistro; we’ll let you know how you can vote even if you’re not in the country.

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What is iRehistro?

Upon opening the website, it’ll tell you that iRehistro is an online accomplishment of forms for voter registration. 

What does that mean? – you may ask. It simply means that it’s an easy way for aspiring legal voters to fill out information in forms virtually.

COMELEC launched it back in the first week of December. Its main goal was to bring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) closer to home by allowing them to setup an appointment while they’re overseas.

We’re slowly moving towards the May 2022 elections; and via iRehistro, the COMELEC is giving Filipinos who are out of the country the chance to become a registered voter!

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Clarification About What iRehistro is

iRehistro is not an online voter’s registration facility. In fact, when you access it, it will give a prompt – a disclaimer telling you about what it is not. 

Comelec RegistrationPrompt that you get when you access the facility

As it indicates: accomplishing this online form does not mean that you are already a registered voter. 

What it is, is a facility that:

  • Allows aspiring voters to easily fill out forms without visiting their respective COMELEC branches and offices
  • Makes the lives of Filipinos who want to be registered voters easier
  • Gives people the feeling of safety and security from the infamous COVID-19 virus

Therefore, it is a facility that will help you set an appointment! Once you finish them successfully, all you’ll have to do is to visit any COMELEC office and have your biometrics captured there!

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Information You’ll Need

Let’s get onto it: how do you set up an appointment for the voter’s registration online?

Firstly, you’ll be asked what type of application you’re doing:

  • Registration – For new registrants; those who have just turned 18 years old; and those who have never registered before since the year 1997;
  • Transfer of Registration Record – For already registered voters who transferred residence within the city and/or municipality they were in to another city and/or municipality. OR For already registered voters who transferred residence with deactivated registration statuses;
  • Reactivation of Registration Record – For registered voters with deactivated registration status;
  • Change of Name (Marriage or Court Order/Correction of Entries in the Voter’s Registration Record – For registered voters with legal changes that need to be made on their registration record:
    • Name for married female voters
    • Change of civil name or status for married voters
    • Incorrect information on their registration record (typo errors, suffix errors, middle initial and name, etc.)
  • Inclusion of Records in the Book of Voters/Reinstatement of Name in the List of Voters – For registered voters that had their names or records removed from the Book of Voters or registered voters whose names have been removed from the List of Voters.

Whatever you pick would determine the next personal information you’ll need to fill out.

Personal Information Needed

However, you can expect that y0u’ll need to supply it with the following:

  • Complete Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Sex
  • Civil Status
  • Address
  • Citizenship

Once done, you’ll see the Set an Appointment for Biometrics Capture and Form Submission area.

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You can choose to set an appointment, which you need to abide by strictly. However, you can also choose not to set an appointment. 

Comelec Registration

Last step of the iRehistro voter’s registration appointment page

The latter option gives you the opportunity to submit your Application Form any time during regular working hours. But, it’s worth noting that it’ll only be valid until the end of the voter’s registration period.

Submit the captcha and the system will ask you to review all the information you have supplied – it’ll take you to a page where it will ask you to CONFIRM at the end.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to set an appointment for the voter’s registration via the iRehistro website.

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iRehistro is Not Opening

There have been several reports where people say that iRehistro is not opening on their browsers. For this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Try restarting your browser, whatever browser you’re using
  2. If it’s still not opening, clear the cached data and cookies from your browser
  3. Should the problem still persist, try accessing it via this link:
  4. Try changing the browser of where you’re accessing it if it’s still not working
  5. Lastly, try a different device and see if it’ll open

COMELEC has made it clear that they’ll complement the efforts of the national government in keeping the virus at bay. With the iRehistro, you will be able to set an appointment for the voter’s registration easily!

Source: iRehistro | Business Mirror PH

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