8 Best Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home People

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Who said you can’t earn while you are enjoying your tranquility in your own home? Say a mom who just got a baby; of course she needs to stay at home to look after the child, or a man who prefers to do other stuff than sit on a table in an office full of paper. We have compiled eight (8) of the best business ideas that a person who likes to stay at home can start working.


If you have a passion for tasting sweets, pastries, and other stuff that people crave for, then baking is totally for you. You don’t have to go out for you to bake; you can have it inside your house, right where you are now. The only investment you have to make is education (of course, if you have an oven but if not, go and have one). With the growing users of the internet every day, you can expand it through spreading it to social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Life Coaching

We all know that our mothers are the best life coaches, right? Well if you are a stay-at-home mom and if you like a little bit of extra income, why not help people who are being eaten by stress and confusions in their lives? Be an honest and overlooking life coach and reach out to people who are in desperate need of people like you.

Market Research

There are companies who outsource research work extensively so they can save budget. Market Research is somewhat like researching for school, but what you need to look for is for business. Organizations and companies hire skilled workers and they are paid very well. If you are on the right track and if you have built a good reputation, you will be paid in dollars and that would be somewhere around $25 – $40 an hour.

Food Delivery

Love cooking? Well you’ve got a ready-made personal business just at the tip of your fingertips. There are a lot of food delivery services roaming around our country now and I can say that it is one of the best and the most maximizing businesses you can do from home. It just not enables you to push to have more and more customers, it also revitalizes your skill in cooking. Start small; maybe around your town, your neighborhood, and then follow it up big. Market your way through social media, get in touch with old friends, etc.


Everyone can blog – from fashion, food, travel, even stay-at-home moms can do blogging and have “what to-do’s” they go through with babies. Blogging is a very flexible career because if you become a hit, and a company sees that you are doing well, they can have you as their advertiser, marketer, endorser, etc., to represent their company. Of course you have stepping stones so you need to start somewhere near the bottom of the valleys and then work your way up and prove to the world that they need a blogger like you.

Fitness Instructor

You don’t have to be a Physical Education expert to be a fitness instructor, right? All you need is a bit of knowledge in exercise (stretches, what’s good for what, how to develop types of muscles, etc.) and in nutrition – especially nutrition. Take time to do research prior to going on with your fitness instructor scheme; help people develop their natural fitness, help them to achieve their goal.

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English Tutor

Countries like Korea, Japan, Italy, China, and other countries who do not consider English as an important language are now riding with the wave. A lot of Koreans and Japanese adults want to learn English by hiring online English tutors. This job can be done even if you are not a holder of an English major degree or some sort that is related to English. Rates could go up to almost Php240, per hour if you are going on the right path.

Soap Making

It only costs you somewhere around 20 pesos to make one soap and you can resell that to somewhere around Php50 – Php150 depending on what type of soap you are planning to sell. Soap is a need that everybody is looking for because although it only does one thing, which is cleaning your body, it is a healthy and hygienic act of choosing good-quality soap for yourself and your family. People nowadays are searching for natural soap to cure and improve their skin quality and the prices of natural soaps are way above the roof.

Have you had any idea of what you can do if you are a person who prefers to do work all by himself? A lot of people are shifting gears and wanting more. Stay tuned for more businesses that you can get into only here in EfrenNolasco.com.

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