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The Ebook Business: Hobby That Can Earn A Living?

In our generation, there are still those who rely on books for knowledge and information. However, even books are embedded in the technology our...
Teaching English Online

How to Teach English Online

The ESL teaching profession is becoming more and more popular here in our country most especially that the next Olympic Games will be held...
Grammatical errors

Most Common Grammatical Errors We Make

English is somewhat difficult for some people and easy for some; it is a diversified language that tends to grow from different languages. A...
Learning English

Why is English an important factor in today’s world?

As most of you notice, the Philippines is probably one of the countries that have a majority of speaking the English language. The English...
Reasons why learning English is important

5 Reasons why learning English is important

Our second language and is considered to be one of the things that we should focus on is the English language. A lot of...

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