How to use Chikka Messenger on Facebook

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Chikka messenger is one of the most popular free text messaging service to the Filipinos around the world, it is very easy and convenient to use and it’s free. Using your PC, laptop or smartphone, you can send your message to the mobile of your family in the Philippines or anywhere in the world if they are using a roaming number.

Chikka also created an app for Facebook called chikkalite for more convenient, if you added and setup your chikkalite app in your Facebook  no need to log in or log out every time you want to use the Chikka.

In my previous post I’ll show the steps how to add chikkalite on Facebook, in this post I will teach you how to use the app.  Considering that you already added the app to your Facebook account if not you can always check out this post how to register on Chikka.

In this article, you will know how to add your friends mobile number on chikkalite app. The previous version of this app, when your friends are already using chikkalite, it will automatically add to your chikkalite contacts, when they update you will need to manually add the numbers that you want to receive your message.

To add contacts on the new chikkalite app, click on the contacts icon, then + sign, add the name and contact number then click save to add.How to use chikka messenger on Facebook - Adding contact

When your family or friends contact number already stored in your contacts, you can easily click their name and start typing the message.

If your friend not in the list you can put directly the number, just click the compose message icon, enter the number and compose the message that you want to send, see the picture below.How to use chikka messenger on Facebook - sending messge

That’s all you can now easily use the new version chikkalite app every time you want to send message to your friends and family in the Philippines while using your Facebook account. Enjoy!

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