Birth Certificate Problems: Frequently Ask Questions with Answers


In our previous published articles, we share to you some guides How to correct erroneous entries in Birth Certificate, filing late registration and getting authenticated Birth Certificate Online. From this articles we receive questions almost everyday asking how to fix the errors, missing entries, no records and other questions about their Birth Certificate that they get from National Statistics Office (NSO) now Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

We compile some of these questions from our Facebook Page Inbox with the answers in every questions, we hope that it will also help if you have the same questions that you want to ask.

Disclaimer: Please be reminded that we are not connected to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or other government agencies. All the answers from this Q & A are from our own knowledge and PSA website. We are not liable for any damage that may cause if you follow some of our suggestions.

File 0001: Belle (from Facebook)

Question: Ang sister ko po has negative record sa NSO but she checked sa munisipyo meron na daw po but her first name is totally incorrect. Pwede po bang mag late registration na lang siya since she doesn’t have record in NSO? Thank you.

Answer: Hindi allowed ang Late Registration, kasi meron talaga siyang record sa munisipyo, hindi lang nai-forward ng munisipyo sa PSA kaya negative ang record niya sa PSA.

Ganito talaga ang process na gagawin, forward muna ang copy ng birth certificate sa PSA, then saka aayusin ang mali, hindi kasi pwedeng mag-bago ng record ang munisipyo kung wala pang record sa PSA.

File 0002: Ella (from Facebook)

Question: My problem is walang nakalagay na gender sa aking Birth Certificate. Paano po ito maiayos?

Answer: You can file for Supplemental Report at the Local Civil Registrar kung saan nakarehistro ang birth certificate mo para malagyan ng gender ang PSA copy ng birth certificate mo. Submit mo yung PSA BC mo na may mali para makita nila yung kulang na information sa NSO birth certificate mo.

File 0003: Gregg (from Facebook)

Question: Ano po dapat gawin kasi mali po ang aking year of birth sa aking BC? Salamat sa tugon.

Answer: Kapag kasi YEAR na ang mali sa NSO birth certificate kailangan mo na ng Lawyer dahil sa korte na ito aayusin, Court order or hearing ang proseso na ito.

File 0004: Rose (from Facebook)

Question: Paano po mapapalitan ang status ko sa birth certificate ng mga anak ko. Nang ipanganak ko po kasi ang dalawa kong anak ay hindi pa kami kasal ng kanilang ama. Ngayon po na kasal kami, gusto ko po papalitan ang status ko. Ano po ang gagawin ko?

Answer: You can file for LEGITIMATION sa munisipyo kung saan naka-rehistro ang birth certificate ng mga anak mo.


1. Certificate of Marriage;

2. Certificate of Live Birth of the child;

3. Acknowledgement (not required for illegitimate children born on or after 3 August 1988);

4. Affidavit of legitimation executed by both parents which shall contain the following facts;

  • the names of the parents;
  • that at the time when child was conceived, the aforesaid parents could have contracted marriage, and that they subsequently contracted marriage,
  • the date and place when such marriage was solemnized;
  • the name of the officer who officiated the marriage;
  • the city or municipality where such marriage was recorded;
  • the name of the child to be legitimated, and the other facts of birth;
  • the date and place where the birth of the child was registered; and
  • the manner by which the child was acknowledged by the parents which may be in the child’s record of birth, in a will, a statement before a court of record, or in any authentic writing (not required for illegitimate children born on or after 3 August 1988).

File 0005: Jan (from Facebook)

Question: Hello po sir Efren. Tanong ko lng po kung anong gagawin kasi ang anak ko sa ibang bansa pinanganak then may birth certificate na po sya pero sa ibang bansa yun, Gusto ko po sana siya magkaroon ng NSO record. Paki tulungan naman po ko. Thank you.

Answer: Mag-file kayo ng late registration, since sa ibang bansa sya ipinanganak kaya sa DFA Office ang filling ng late registration.


Bring ORIGINALS and FOUR (4) SETS OF PHOTOCOPIES (Kindly arrange the copies according to the order below)


  • Four (4) forms should be ORIGINALLY FILLED OUT
  • Entries must be at the time of birth of the child/subject
  • For applicants born within the jurisdiction of Chicago, New York, Washington DC, form should be notarized by the notary public

2. NEGATIVE CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH RECORD from the National Statistics Office (NSO) (CRS Form No.1
Note: Required only for children/subjects who are more than one (1) year old

3. BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued by the country of birth Note:

  • For Birth Certificates not in English language, kindly submit an English Translation of the Birth Certificate
  • For applicant born in SWEDEN, GERMANY, DENMARK, ESTONIA, FINLAND, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, AUSTRIA, BANGKOK and INDIA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of birth must authenticate the birth certificate.


  • Photocopies of bio data pages
  • In case of unavailability, execute an Affidavit of Non-submission of Document and attach a copy of valid/recent passport or any valid ID

Note: For unmarried parents:

  • If child/subject is using the surname of the father, kindly submit an Affidavit to Use Surname of the Father (AUSF) and Affidavit of Acknowledgement of Paternity
  • If child/subject is using the surname of the mother, kindly submit the Birth Certificate of the mother and an Affidavit of Illegitimacy

6. PASSPORT OF PARENTS valid at the time of the birth if the child

  • Photocopies of bio data pages
  • In case of unavailability, execute an Affidavit of Non-submission of Document and attach a copy of valid/recent passport or any valid ID


Note: Required only for children/subjects who are more than one (1) year old

Note: Required only for children/subjects who are more than one (1) year old

  • Consular Fee: US$ 25.00 to be paid in pesos at the Cashier, 2nd floor, DFA-Office of Consular Affairs, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Avenue, Aseana Business Park, Paranaque City
  • Forms are available online ( or at
  • Consular Records Division Windows (Tel.No.836-7744)
  • Processing period: Approximately 2 to 4 months

Note: The Action Officer may require additional proof or documents from applicant to determine the child’s citizenship, identity or eligibility for registration of birth under Philippine Law.

File 0006: Pilar (from Facebook)

Question: Magandang araw po, may tanong lang ako. Yung birth certificate ko po kasi imbes na pangalan ko ilalagay, pangalan ng tatay ko ang nilagay.Kung ipapaayos ko po yun, saan po at ano ang mga requirements? Salamat po.

Answer: Magfile ka ng CORRECTION OF ENTRY sa Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) kung saan naka-rehistro ang birth certificate mo. Attached mo yung NSO copy ng BC mo na may error at iba pang documents na magpapatunay ng correct name mo upang maging basehan nila sap ag-aayos.

File 0007: Val (from Facebook)

Question: Magandang araw po, pwede ko bang maipaayos yung birth certificate ko kasi mali ang nakalagay na middle name. Thanks!

Answer: Punta po kayo sa munisipyo kung saan ka naka-rehistro, dun aayusin ang NSO birth certificate mo na may maling information. Dalhin mo lang yung NSO record mo na may mali and documents na nagpapatunay ng middle name mo, like baptismal and school records mo, then the rest of the requirements needed, munisipyo na ang mag advice sa iyo kung ano pa ang mga kailangan.

File 0008: Elsa (from Facebook)

Question: Bakit ganun, may kopya naman ako ng BC ko from LCRO pero nung kumuha ako ng BC ko sa NSO negative result. Please help!

Answer: Negative certificate ang nirelease sa inyo ng NSO kapag walang record. Ang gawin mo yung negative certificate, dalhin mo sa munisipyo kung saan naka-rehistro ang BC mo para makita nila na hindi pa nila nai-forward ang birth certificate record mo sa NSO, then sila na ang mag-forward ng copy ng birth para magkaroon ng record sa NSO.

File 0009: Eva (from Facebook)

Question: May mali po sa family name ko? Isang letter lang po paano po mapapaayos yun?

Answer: Mag-file ka ng correction of entry sa munisipyo kung saan naka-rehistro ang birth certificate mo, Dalhin ang NSO birth mo na may maling spelling at NSO birth ng father mo to prove ang corrected spelling dapat ng last name mo at ang iba pang requirements, munisipyo na ang mag advice sa iyo kung anu-ano pa.

File 0010: Boni (from Facebook)

Question: Tapos na yung process ng Change of Gender ko sa LCR ang sabi sa akin kuha na ako ng copy sa NSO, meron na kaya yun?

Answer: (from NSO) Kung tapos na ang process ng CHANGE OF GENDER sa LCR, may Finality Report na ibibigay ang LCR sa iyo kasama ng Courier Receipt. Kailangan mong pumunta ng NSO Office dala ang documents na ito at mag request ng NSO CORRECTED copy ng birth certificate mo. REMEMBER: sa NSO Office lang dapat magrequest ng first corrected copy dala ang finality report and courier receipt.

File 0011: Ella (from Facebook)

Question: How many days po ang processing kapag Late Registration?

Answer (from NSO) Basta kumpleto ang requirements na kailangan ng munisipyo, within the day mare-rehistro kana. Ang medyo matagal dito ay yung magkaroon ka agad ng record sa NSO, usually 2 to 3 months kung narehistro within Metro Manila, 6 months kung outside Metro Manila bago magkakaroon ng record sa NSO.

File 0012: Abe (from Facebook)

Question: Hello po halimbawa tulad po sa akin dito kasi ako sa Quezon hindi po pwede dito nalang ako sa Lucena magpagawa ng Late Registration. Kasi wala na akong magulang Bicol po ako pinanganak pero dito sa Quezon lumaki at nag-aral hindi po pwede dito nalang ako magpagawa kung sakali nakuha ko yung mga requirements? Salamat.

Answer: (From NSO) Pwede naman, pero usually kasi ang pinapayagan sa OUT OF TOWN LATE REGISTRATION ay yung mga tao na botante na sa lugar and talagang matagal ng residence sa lugar, at depende sa approval pa ang munisipyo. Pwede ka namang mag inquire sa munisipyo, then kung hindi pwede sa kanila na dun ka magpa-rehistro kailangan na sa munisipyo na talaga kung saan ka pinanganak mag-file ng late registration.

File 0013: Letty (from Facebook)

Question: Anu po pwd gawing kung malabo ang NSO birth certificate na nakuha ko from NSO?

Answer: Ang Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or munisipyo kung saan ka naka-rehistro ang nag-forward sa NSO ng malabong copy ng NSO document mo. Kung ano ang nai-forward na copy ng LCR iyon din ang ilalagay ng NSO sa kanilang records. Pumunta sa munisipyo para makapagrequest na mag-endorse muli sa NSO ng clear copy ng BC mo.

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