How to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash

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To enjoy the continuous service of Cignal TV, you need to reload your account, and there are many ways you can load it, including GCash which we are going to show you how. Cignal prepaid subscribers, if you run out of load you can easily buy load using GCash.

How to buy load for Cignal  TV using Gcash

Assuming that you have already GCash account, if you don’t have one you can easily register using any number. There are so many advantages if you have GCash, you can buy load, pay bills, and more, it’s free to register. Ok, we will now proceed to the instruction.

  1. Open GCash app and login using your MPIN, tap Buy LoadHow to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash Step 1
  2. Enter or select in your contacts the mobile number where you want to send the ePIN, tap next at the bottom.How to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash step 2
  3. Swipe to the left and select PAY TV in the load menu, tap next.How to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash step 3
  4. Select the type of prepaid load you want to load, then select next to continue.How to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash step 4
  5. Review your payment details then tap Pay to continue and confirm your purchaseHow to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash step 5
  6. If payment is successful you will receive a text message from GCash containing the Cignal PIN that you will need to reload, make sure not to delete it.How to load Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash Step 6

How to load the Cignal TV using ePIN

Now that you have the ePIN, you can now load your Cignal TV. There are two ways to load, first using Cignal TV web loading tool and the second is via SMS.

How to load using Cignal TV web loading tool

To reload your Cignal TV account using the web loading tool, open your browser and go to this link

You will need to enter the following:

Prepaid Account Number: If you don’t know the account number you can easily get it by texting CIGNAL SC <12-digit CCA or smart card number> to 5353. Example: CIGNAL SC 000001212345. The CCA number can be found at the bottom of the set-top box while the smart card number is located at the back of the smart card, the smart card is like an ATM card inserted in the set-top box, push the card to pop out.

Pin: Enter the ePIN you just buy on GCash

Captcha Code: Type the captcha code you see, if you cannot see the image you can generate a new one.

Cignal TV web laoding tool

Now click or tap Submit if you’re done. If the load is successful it will popup a message confirming that it will be loaded shortly. Make sure that the Cignal set-top box is turned on, you can check if the load is already entered by checking the channels available.

How to load using Cignal TV using your mobile number or via SMS

To load your Cignal TV via SMS, just text CIGNAL <PIN> to 5353, Example: CIGNAL 000001212345. This is available for SMART and SUN subscribers only and you will be charged P1 per transaction.

Make sure to register first before texting the PIN. A one-time registration is needed if you want to load via SMS just text CIGNAL REG <Cignal Account Number> to 5353

What to do if the load is unsuccessful

If the reload to your Cignal TV prepaid is not successful using the method above you may call CignalCare hotline (02) 88-888-222 (Metro Manila) or #88-222 (provincial toll-free), available from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM or you can your concern via email at [email protected].

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