How to Organize Photos on Flickr


If you’re taking advantage of hosting your photos on Flickr, you must know how to organize it to make it look clean and easy to find. As you may notice, most of the posted articles in this website has a multiple screenshot image embedded.

To make it load faster without hurting my limited server resources, most of the image here are hosted on Flickr. Flickr is a Yahoo owned image and video hosting where user can use up to a terabyte space for their image or videos for free.

Organize Photos on Flickr

Ok, here’s how I organize my image on Flickr, after I uploaded the images for every post article I published, I will put it on a separate album.

Create Album

To create an album on Flickr, follow these steps.

  1. While login to your account, go to album, click “You” in the menu bar, then select “Albums” on the drop down.How to organize photos on flicker
  2. On the right-side of the screen, click “Create New Album”How to organize photos on flickr2
  3. In the new Album window, enter the album title and description, then click and drag the image that you want to include in the album into the space to add. You can also use CTRL + click or Command + click to add.How to organize photos on flickr3
  4. When everything is all set, click the save button, to save your album.Organize flickr photos

You can take a look all the albums created in the albums section, it’s clean and organized.

Organize Flicker Photos

Add photos to existing Album

If you want to add photos to an existing album, you can easily do that on Flickr.

  1. While the photo is open, head on the lower right side of the photo, click “Add to Album” link.How to organize photos on flickr5
  2. On the pop up window, search the Album where you want to add the photo, select the album, then click, Add to Album button.How to organize photos on Flickr6

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