Digital Trends in the Philippines


During the last few years, the use of social media networking websites has been massively increased and now Philippines is considered as one of the most active users of these sites, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, Filipinos use these websites for many different purposes.

It is the fact that the digital social media networking has influenced, and is influencing, the trends of the digital marketing in the country. However, many other web-oriented activities and channels are starting now to shape the digital market of Filipinos. The larger impact and influence of the state-of-the-art trends in the technological world, such as web usage, online games, e-commerce and much more are indeed indicative of the country’s brightest digital future.

Check out the following digital trends in Philippines which are creating more and more opportunities for the business world:

1. Increase in the Internet Users

Filipinos have seen atremendous growth in the Internet users across the Philippines. A fastest growth has been recorded in the Internet audience, recording a growth of around 22 per cent since the mid-2012. In fact, the majority of the people in the country are gaining access to the Internet, and due to this many economists is projecting that the number of audience using Internet will increase from 33 million in 2013 to about 42 million this year (2016). A fact is established by this statistical figure that the number of people who use Internet increases at a very high pace than other countries of the world.

2. Young Generations Drive Growth of Internet Audience

A majority of the young Filipinos are using Internet in Philippines. 40 per cent of the Internet market in the country is run by young people ages between 15 and 24, 27 per cent is comprised of people between 25 and 34 year olds, and the remaining is made up of people who are at the age of 35. Moreover, Internet audience under 35, which is about 16%,is also using the Internet and this figure is quite higher than people aged over 35 and their proportion is only 16%.

3. E-commerce is Increasing

As far as the local and online retail shops working at the national level are concerned, the people in Philippines are steadily getting hooked. It has been found that the country’s citizens spend 17.4 minutes, at an average, in searching online retail shops that reach over 50% of the Internet audience. Similarly, 25.9 minutes are spent by the average Filipinos in surfing the Internet for getting latest news and information from all over the world and it is an average reach of 50% for news channels. Moreover, almost 50% users search blogs that also give them most pertinent information and they spend 14.4 minutes on these blogs.

4. Social Networking Websites: The Biggest Digital Market Player

Regardless of the latest changes in the Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, social networking has still the potential to capture the Filipinos’ largest consumer time when pitted against other services of the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. In the country, Social Networking screen time records the peak figure at 41 per cent across Southeast Asia. Other internet services only capture a 17.3% while entertainment purposes have grabbed only 14.5%.

We have explored some key trends in the Philippines and all these trends continue to underpin and establish the high importance and worth of digital media, especially social media channels in the country as powerful avenue that affect not only the lives of Filipinos but also the whole economy. The digital market of Philippines is now going to see a markedly bright future.

Author Bio: John Kelly is a professional academic counselor and also experienced blogger. Currently he joined an online essay writing service to provide assistance and guidance to the students about marketing strategies and use of social media for business.

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