Make Friends with Money


How many times have you heard negative associations with money in our common day language? Consider these…

  •  If you have money, you become greedy.
  • Wants are never satiated.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  •  No gains without pains.
  • Money makes false friends.

This is our everyday language. But, looking at these expressions, it does seem that money is a very bad thing, doesn’t it? No one would have a positive impression of money if they are educated with these dictums.

In fact, this is the reason why more than half the people of the world are bogged down by problems concerning money. Why, we should say the ratio of people with financial problems must be even larger than that! We learn such negative associations about money that we begin feeling that money is a very bad thing.

Our parents, teachers, religious preachers, spiritual gurus, everyone tell us that money is a very bad thing to have. But then even these people are in the game for the money, right? We develop such a bad perspective about money from our early childhood from these people that throughout life we do not consider it favorably. And when we grow up, we pass on this mantle of hatred toward money to our children and they grow up hating it too.

The result – one financially limited generation gives birth to another.

We need to stop this cycle right now. We need to remove this highly incorrect view about money that we are fed on. We have to make friends with money.

Money is actually what sustains economic life on this earth. Without it, not a single button could change hands. We have built the world on the base of money and now there’s no way we can run away from it.

Do not regard money as your enemy. This is what defeatists do. These are the people who haven’t earned money in their lives or probably have earned so much that they don’t care whether others do or not.

You have to improve your own situation. It is time you made friends with money.

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