New Features of the iOS 10 you Would Definitely Love


Apple has been improving their arsenal since and they are not displaying signs of stopping. While the release date of their newest iPhone is near (some countries already have the iPhone 7), the latest and probably the best version of their own operating system is also at hand. However, a lot of people are spreading rumors about the new OS with difficulties, problems, and just more problems, we just have to wait until the best and the most correct news hit us. But for now, here are the newest feature s of iOS 10 that people would be excited about.

Pick up to see notifications

This newest feature is called the “raise to wake” which is most likely what it sounds like. By just picking your phone up, you will see your lock screen to see notifications instead of pressing the home button or the lock button. This is essential when you are in a rush and you want to just see notifications without pressing anything on your iPhone. Note that this feature is only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and of course the new models. If you dislike this feature, you can easily disable it through your settings.

Delete those stock apps

After how many years, you can now delete and uninstall stock apps that you are not going to use in the first place. Applications like stocks, find friends, and many more. You will find that you can also delete applications like contacts, maps, and podcasts but you can easily install them anyways from iTunes. Apple however disabled uninstallation of some apps like messages, safari, the clock app, even health. The process is still the same, you tap and hold on the application you want deleted and voila, the rest is up to you.

Apple Maps

Apple decided to help people find their car by remembering where you parked it – so you can avoid wasting time by walking to directions not close to where you have parked. This works when you stop driving; Apple shows a notification on your phone saying that it has now dropped a pin at the location. You can then use that mark to get back to your vehicle with ease – it also comes with the option to take a photo for better and faster navigation.

Delete music you do not listen to

Every iPhone user knows the feeling of being low on space and yes – Apple came up with a way to easily help you with that. You can head to Settings > Music and you will then come across a new Optimize Storage heading where it automatically deletes local copies of tracks or music you haven’t touched or listened to in a while to help you manage your storage.

Messaging never became cooler

iMessage was continually improved so that Apple users won’t use other applications anymore. They almost have the features of the WhatsApp and Snapchat where they can send GIFs, doodles, stickers, and more. You can also send via “invisible ink” wherein you need to scratch the message in order for you to read it. Those are just the basics though – try to learn more for yourself to be surprised.

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Copy + Paste but on different devices?

You can now copy paste text and photos but with different devices. How is that possible? Yes, you can now copy something from your Mac and then paste it using your iPhone or vice versa and this feature is called the universal clipboard. You just need to ensure that you have your same Apple ID registered on all of your devices and it works just like magic. Yes, apple made a way to make it look effortless and seamless and iPhone users should be thankful for that.

These features are profoundly astounding and amazing. Apple is continuing to be on the top by incorporating these new features on their abilities. However, these are just few of what the new version of the operating system has to offer; these are just basic stuff you can and will encounter once you update your version. Update to see and to learn more about the new software and just be stunned by

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