Things you need to know about the new iPhone 7

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A day or two before, the brand new iPhone has been introduced and a lot of people were ecstatic about it. Before the official marketing presentation, people have been dwelling in rumors and sayings about the new phone; some proven to be true while some made its way into the blackness of wonder. Since the official presentation has been made, fans and patrons grew wild and excited with the new features and specifications of the high-tech smartphone. If you missed the official presentation by marketing Vice President Phil Schiller, stay tuned and just relaxed because – we got you. Here are the things you need to know about the new iPhone 7.

New Colors

I know that you have been used to seeing ancestral iPhones in Black and White and just a year back, you have been introduced to new colors like Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold. With the newest member, new colors will be on its way. The new phone will come in Silver, Rose Gold, Gold plus two new colors which are Jet Black and Black.

So you may be asking: what’s the difference? Well as I’ve mentioned, older versions of the iPhone has the black color but this time around, it is not the same because the black in the new phone is finished with anodized matte. The jet black however, is an inky, high-gloss black which suits the brand’s sophistication.

The 3.5mm headphone jack

Before the official presentation, rumors spread that the headphone jacks will be in dissolved and yes, it has now come to life. Apple said that they freed up the space by sacrificing the port for a better and larger camera system, bigger battery, and the redesigned Force Touch Home Button.

The new phone now comes with a new pair of Lightning Ear Pods. Imagine a regular Bluetooth pair; it’s not actually far from that because it uses infrared sensors that only play when it is plugged in the user’s ears. You connect the ear pods via the lightning port which is a 3.5mm jack.

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One disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot listen to music via the lightning ear pods and charge your phone simultaneously – you have to give up one.

Two cameras?

The new iPhone 7 Plus which is the higher end version of the new model, contains dual cameras which are perfect for zoomed-in photos. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have 12-megapixel rear cameras, and a 7-megapixel front camera with the rear camera having an aperture of 1.8 (f/1.8).

iPhone 7 camera
Image: Screen grab from MKBHD YouTube Channel

As of now, iPhone is the only brand who thought of having dual cameras for better photo-taking. The dual cameras are perfect for taking photos even in the wide angle with of course the supplementary of the improved aperture. The new models also contain ultimate stabilization which can be a good feature for shaking moments while taking photos.

It is now waterproof

It is a misconception that the new Apple models are waterproof. To answer that question, No, it is not waterproof but it is water resistant. That fact paves the road for reason why Apple took out the headphone jack – to make way for better features such as the supersized camera, the new Taptic Engine, and the stereo on the bottom of the phone.

The speaker

Watching videos on your phone in landscape could never get better because of the all-new stereo effect that comes from both sides of the phone. You won’t have the problem of placing the sound source near your ear to hear the sounds of what you are watching.

The new home button

Over the past years, iPhones’ home buttons changed; first being the oldest type which technically is a button you have to press in order for you to access the home button; the second being technically the newest wherein you can scan your fingerprint to unlock your phone; and now, the force touch which is actually one of the best features that Apple made.

The home button that we have for the latest models are now a solid state pressure-sensitive button – not the mechanical one anymore and guess what, less hassle because it will not break if you press it too much. It technically responds with physical feedback when you perform a function on your phone.

To cut things short, Apple has made specific and great modifications to the new phone and here’s what I can tell you – every year, it just keeps getting better and better. Haven’t watched the official presentation yet? Take time to watch it and be amazed of the engineering of the newest member of the family – the iPhone7/Plus.

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