Every year, baggage rules from the Philippines, and even different parts of the world change. The weight, the price, overall changes about them. This year, there are major changes in terms of the allowable bags to and fro the Middle East. In this article, we will be discussing the 2018 Middle East airlines baggage allowance. This is for you to avoid charges you are not ready for.

Why is this important?

Since it is a common notion that every year, baggage rules and prices change, we need to be aware of them to avoid our things being rejected. In the recent 2018 Middle East Airline baggage updates, you might be surprised to what the new deals are.

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We’ll not only talk about the weight per airline, we’ll also discuss what prices and what inclusions they have.

The 2018 Middle East airlines baggage updates

Airline Name

Economy Class baggage weight

Hand Carry (Economy Class Only)

Cathay Pacific 20 kgs 7 kgs
Cebu Pacific Prepaid 15, 20, 30, & 40 kgs 7 kgs
Emirates 30 kgs 1 x up to 7 kgs
Etihad Airways 30 kgs 1 x 7 kgs
Kuwait Airways 20 kgs 7 kgs
Gulf Air 30 kgs 1 x 6 kgs
Qatar Airways 30 kgs 1 x up to 7 kgs
Singapore Airlines 30 kgs 7 kgs
Saudia Airlines 1 x 32 kgs or 2 x 23 kgs 1 x up to 7 kgs

Destination and prices for luggage in the Middle East

Destination Excess Baggage from MNL Excess Baggage to MNL Budget Economy Regular Economy Premium Economy
Abu Dhabi $30 AE 110 30 kgs 30 kgs 40 kgs
Dammam $110/pc SAR 375/pc 2 x 23 kgs 2 x 23 kgs 40 kgs
Riyadh $ 110/pc SAR 375/pc 2 x 23 kgs 2 x 23 kgs 40 kgs

Now that you’re aware of these 2018 Middle East airlines baggage updates, you can now avoid paying extra in the event that you think you might. Before departing, make sure to weigh whatever it is that you have so you don’t have to pay for anything extra.

These updates are only for the Middle East. Of course, other airlines from different faces of the globe differ as well so stay tuned for updates.

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