How to Recognize Fake Receipts

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People make ways in order to gain more; that is their idea on how to successfully ace life but that is somewhat immorally incorrect. Nowadays people fake a lot of stuff in order to cut down expenses – money, gadgets, cheques, contracts, and even receipts. If you are a person who is concerned about having rights from two (2) parties equally then you should know the differences of an original and a not-so one.

Receipts are one form of proving that the business you have dealt with is properly paying its taxes; its also one of the ways to know if the reimbursement you are about to make is valid. In this article, you will know how to distinguish an issued receipt that is fake so that you can check it every time a receipt is handed to you.

Fake receipts
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The receipt itself (output)

There are different outputs of receipts but a lot of authentic ones use watermarked paper for security purposes. A fake receipt will not contain watermarks if the authentic receipts do have watermarks in it. Sometimes, a crispy receipt is also a sign of a fake one. Very smooth edges with no wrinkles or smudges might be fake because receipts get a little battered even if handled carefully.

The size of the receipt can also be one sign; you can check previous receipts you’ve got from the company or business and compare it. Look at all on its sides, size, shape, information, text, ink, etc. Companies aim to be uniform to avoid confusion and misinformation. You can check a company’s usual appearance (font, text, logo, etc.) online and look if the receipt you got is legitimate and is accurate in spilling the company’s information.

Information & Detail

One of the most obvious indicators that a receipt might not be authentic is the information; fake receipts usually indicate incorrect and erroneous information. It may contain typographical errors, or some information may be totally wrong. A fake receipt may list the business names, business address, and contact information incorrectly; you can go and check for further information online about the business to check if they are relaying correct information. They might also code the products differently compared to the authentic receipts. If the company lists the address at 999 Alley Way and the receipt you got contained a different one, this can be one clear sign that the receipt that you got is fake.

The Math

Fake receipts contain items or products that do not actually exist and can be your leverage in judging whether the receipt you got was fake or not. This may seem a bit of a hassle but fake receipts also calculate income tax and other taxes incorrectly. They are fraudulent, not mathematicians but some fraudsters go the extra mile and compute the income tax carefully so that they would not be caught.

Receipts should present more detail like in a clothing store, it should say the complete name with the code, in a restaurant, the name of the dish, and it should also include a return policy with contact information but if you notice that these information is not there, then think about the receipt you have because it might be false.

You can go ahead and check if what you got is authentic or not; just make sure you do and look at the right things before judging because receipts are important and they are made to stabilize and to educate people on what they have purchased, to know the tax when buying something, and for proof that you have paid for a certain bid.

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