Top 11 things you may not know about the Internet


It is safe to say now that people are most likely being consumed by modern technological advancements and that is has now become a necessity to live. Some people use it to as a means of making a living, some use it for communication purposes, and so on.

Aside from all of these, a lot of people are not aware about certain things as regards the internet and here are some of them.

  1. It is believed that humans only make up 49% of all the internet traffic and the remaining 51% is made up of Guess you now know the importance of those captchas, huh? Not all internet users are humans.
  2. It only took 4 years to reach 50, 000, 000 You know how powerful its influence is when we compare it to our ancestors’ past times which are the television and the radio. The television took 14 years to reach that milestone and 38 years for the radio.
  3. The web that we use is considered to be just the tip of the iceberg. It does not actually make up even half of the entire web today. It is said that we can access less than 10% of the entire web and that the “Deep Web” is 500 times bigger than the surface web (one we can see in search engines).
  4. The internet is aiming to be everyone’s partner because imagine, if we need to find something out, we just Google it, right?
  5. 65% of all the images on the internet are naked women. Simply put, more or less 1/3 of all the internet searches are for pornography.
  6. We all are aware that Australia is one of the countries with the fastest internet connection, right? Well, the International Space Station has an internet connection and its speed is amazingly faster than that of Australia’s.
  7. The internet is estimated to be around 40 years old. Its boom only began in the turn of this millennium but it was created around 40 years ago by Tim-Berners-Lee. He was working with CERN to help researchers and scientists communicate and share information quickly.
  8. The web has a big impact on environment. The web is powered by server farms which are located all around the world and its sole purpose is to support its electricity and its cooling. Most websites today have carbon footprints that are bigger than whatever you can imagine.
  9. It would take about 16 million trees to print out all the data on the internet. For Wikipedia alone, scientists and researchers have found out that it would take 71 million pieces of A4 and the rest of the internet would take around 136 BILLION
  10. Despite the information that the web contains, experts calculated all of the electrons that make up the data on the internet and they found out that it would only add up to only 50 grams and that is just the mere equivalent of a medium-sized egg.
  11. More than 100 BILLION emails are being sent every day. It has grown at an unbelievable pace for communications and businesses around the world.

So do you think you know a lot about the internet? Well, think again. These are the best information we have gathered and we hope we have educated in you in some way.

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