Google Search Advanced Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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We all know Google as the main place that we go to for all the questions that we have. From the simple lyrics of songs, to events and occurrences that took place in the past; it’s all in here! Not a single question can be left unanswered – Google has it all!

Google Search Advanced Tips
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Of course, personal questions about yourself wouldn’t; it’s filled with facts and every information that you need to know. Unconsciously, you are actually using Google every single day. But are you aware of the different techniques or the strategies that you can actually do in Google Search?

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There are quite a few techniques and strategies that you can use in order to improve your Google Search experience. Some of the most common and the most useful tricks that you can utilize include:

Using an Asterisk

We all have an experience where we’re trying to remember maybe a line from a movie, or lyrics of a song but we’re not sure of what the words are 100%. This is the perfect use for the placeholders of Google Search or by putting an asterisk in it.

Yes, part of the Google Search Advanced Tips would be how you can search for something you’re not entirely sure of. For example, if you try searching for the lyrics Mama, just killed a man * * mama, you will actually get the lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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In addition to that, you can also use it to look for movies that you know catchphrases to; just type it in and put in the asterisk on each side of the things you remember. Google will do everything for you.

Search a Website for Keywords

If you’re in Google and you want the Search Engine Results Page or the SERP to display results only from a particular website, you can use the “site:” strategy to do so. For instance, if you remember a Google guide that we gave here, you can try a Google search for Google Guide. 

No hassle, no need to remember everything; you will get what you need in an instant! You won’t be required to go through all the websites that have it.

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Using “Define”

Need a quick dictionary but you don’t have one right beside you? You can use Google! Part of the most used Google Search Advanced Tips you can do is to define a word with ease. You need not to worry about which dictionary you can use neither will you be required to have a particular website.

For instance, if you want the definition for the word Definition, you can easily type in Define: Definition. Should you need the definition of business, you can type in Define: Business. 

It’s as easy as that and you don’t have to go through all the dictionary websites available.

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Related Websites

Each and everyone of us have our favorite websites that we visit whenever we have questions about a particular topic. To give you an example, if you frequent our site for guides in SSS or other government agencies’ guides, you can type in Related: to view other websites that offer he same information and the same guides as we do here.

Moreover, you can also try and look for other merchants if you’re trying to learn about the rates and prices; for instance, if you don’t like the prices and rates at, you can type into Google Search related: 

You will be given a list of the websites that relate the most to Lazada.

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Exact Math in Google

Calculators have been one of the most essential tools that we have in the world. Not having one is like not having another arm that you can use quickly and swiftly. The complexity of your Math Problem would have little effects; you can even use it to create complex rendering or calculations of a particular problem.

From basic calculations like addition to division, you can also use it through verbal problems. For example, you can type in the search bar “What is 13% of 1101?” That doesn’t end there, you can even create 3D objects on your browsers automatically.

A quick reminder, though, your browser would need to be WebGL supported in order for this to become effective.

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Currency Conversion

Are you traveling and you’re not entirely sure of how much the exchange rate is? Are you receiving remittance from another country and you want to check if the exchange rate is worth it? You can use Google to check how much the current conversion rate is!

Part of the most effective and the most useful Google Search Advanced Tips would be the fact that you can actually use it to be a currency conversion tool. No need for you to find a specific website, or to find a location or a store that would help you with it, you can directly type it in the search bar!

You can type it in the following ways:

  • How much is 40 dollars in the Philippine Peso?
  • $40 in PHP
  • PHP to Norweigan Krone

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Exact Phrases in Google Search

Do you remember exact phrases, words, or sentences and you’re not sure where you saw it? You can use that in the Google Search bar if you want to remember! All you need to do is to use the quotation symbol to find exact words or phrases.

To give you an example, you can type in “Advanced Google Search Guides” in Google and most likely, you will see this guide.

Sunrise, Sunset, and the Weather

In case you’re curious or interested in knowing what time the sunrise is, or what time the sunset is in a particular day, Google also has your back for it. You can simply type in Sunset in COUNTRY to learn more about the time when the sunset or the sunrise is.

Not only that, you can also use this Advanced Google Search Tip to learn about the weather in a particular country or region. For instance, if you’re traveling to the United States and you want to know what the weather is like there, you can type in Weather in USA and you will get the results that pertain to the information you require.

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These are only some of the most common tips and tricks you can do with Google. Other than the usual and the regular Google Search you’re doing, you can also take advantage of these Google Search Advanced Tips to make sure that you get what you need.

Do you have other tips and tricks you’d like to share to people other than what we have here? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help other people! Share the advanced Google Search tricks that you know and  help out people who are in need!

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