How to add multiple accounts in Facebook Messenger app for Android

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Some people have multiple Facebook accounts because they want their personal account to be at par with the personal people in their lives and the other to be corporate, professional, and discreet – some people just do two to mess with others. No matter what the situation may be, it is obvious that there are people who have multiple Facebook accounts. As we all know, the Messenger app that we have is a sort of app from Facebook. Just this year, Facebook on Android allowed multiple accounts; it is mind-boggling and simple at the same time.

All over the world, there are couples, friends, families, and other groups of people who share one tablet or one smartphone. This new feature of Android lets them have the authority and the opportunity to switch accounts without the hassle of uninstalling and installing the application once again. A lot of users were requesting to have this years back and now, they have it on the tip of their fingertips; it is now finally accessible.

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Facebook made a way of inviting users to use this easy and free app to lure them into the goods that they are releasing. They thought of a good way to switch accounts easily in order to manage, keep track, and to secure all of the information, messages, and all other things that can be shared through messenger.

One good example is a parent, with this new feature, you can now keep track of your child/children’s activity on Messenger: who they message, what types of messages they receive, what types of messages they send etc. Another is when you share a tablet or a smartphone with a friend; you can easily log in and out of the device without the hassle of logging in and out or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Do Apple products have this feature as well?

As of the moment, Apple has not yet upgraded to this feature but we do hope that they take action in that. Maybe one reason why they do not want that is because they intend to keep privacy as part of their vision but hey, who knows? Maybe they’ll have this feature soon.

How can accounts be switched?

It is actually simple, you just need to go to the Profile tab on your messenger and find the Accounts menu. From there you can add an account by simply putting in the Facebook information that will be asked (email or Facebook mail and password). After doing so, you will be redirected to your own messenger account without removing the previous account you had to start with. To change accounts, you simply do the same steps and if the account is already registered, simply type in the password.

For an instance you want to remove an account, simply press the three dot icon on the right side of the account that you want to modify, and select Remove Account.

So messenger has been stepping its game up; be a part of it. If you are using Apple and are envious of this new feature, do hope that Apple gets the idea of shifting into this feature for easier, simpler, and more accessible messaging. Stay tuned for more.

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