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Facebook has been the best social networking website for years now and it is never showing a weak trade. As the second quarter of this year, users climbed up to 1.71 billion in monthly active users and in 2012, it surpassed the 1 billion mark. You use it every single day and I bet that you are not most probably aware of the facts that I am about to tell you. Yes, in this article, I will be relaying facts about Facebook you probably didn’t know.

1. Ever wonder why Blue is predominantly Facebook’s color? Well, a lot of you miss this but Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, actually suffers from red – green color blindness. Yes, the color Blue is extremely associated with trust and security, which most users would want but maybe it is just the second reason next to the founder having the colorblindness.

2. The base of the website is growing by approximately eight (8) people per second and that means 7, 246 people in every 15 minutes. If you think that the growing of Facebook is halted, think again.

3. On the average, there are about 30 million dead people whose accounts are still up on Facebook. How is that for a creeper?

4. Before Facebook.com, its online address was thefacebook.com which was later changed to be a shorter address and for it to be easier typed. Fb.com is another way of opening the site for easier access.

5. Facebook, Twitter, and the New York Times cannot be accessed in China since it was blocked from the country since 2009.

6. Even if their country had Facebook blocked, there are still almost 95 million users in China.

7. On the average United States Facebook user, Facebook earns an approximately $5.85 from them, everyday.

8. Before the “Like” button was invented, it used to be the “Awesome” button which was vetoed by Mark Zuckerberg in the middle of 2007.

9. 7% of Facebook users are fake and that is a lot considering the population of Facebook now so, be careful.

10. Every single minute, there are 1.8 million new likes on Facebook. That is 30, 000 likes every second.

11. Every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests, and 3 million messages are sent.

12. At the phase change from 2012 – 2013, Facebook users exponentially grew by 22%.

13. Approximately 70% of all Facebook users are outside the United States of America.

14. Every minute that Facebook goes down, it costs Facebook roughly around $24, 420. 00 PER MINUTE. The worst outage in history lasted for 19 minutes which cost the company for around $427, 000. 00.

15. If Facebook were a country, it would be larger than China which has 1.37 billion people because monthly active users of Facebook are 1.79 billion.

16. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Pay Pal, was the first person to ever invest in Facebook. He invested $500, 000.00 into the young company in 2004 where he later sold his share for more than $1 billion.

17. Any text that you put into the status update section is sent to Facebook’s servers even if you do not post it. Be careful, once again.

18. Even though you sense that Facebook is powerful, just one gram of your DNA can store all of Facebook and even Google’s data. Yes, you are still more powerful.

19. There are almost 1 billion apps linked to Facebook as of this year.

20. Facebook is earning almost $1.4 million dollars every hour. This is $33, 600, 000. 00 everyday.

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I know, it is hard to believe that the mega Internet giant has all this numbers but hey, it made a lot of lives more meaningful and easier, right? Plus, without it, you won’t be able to entertain yourself even if you are alone at any circumstance. What’s next for Facebook?

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