Slow Computer? Learn How to Speed Up Your PC

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A slow working computer can be very irritating. This can affect your efficiency and dedication at whatever that you are working on. It is, thus, imperative that you make your computer run at the maximum speed possible. How to do it is a problem for many people, but it is simplified for you in the tips written below.

1. Install antivirus program and keep updating virus definitions

This might seem a common application on a computer, but the work that it does is absolutely necessary if you desire to have a fast running PC. Most viruses operate in the background and they a lot of consume your computer memory. More viruses mean a slower computer. Other viruses deliberately cause your PC to work slowly by getting lodged into the registry. In short, the presence of a computer virus on your PC makes it run slower than it should. Antivirus programs will remove viruses and prevent any future attacks by malware. Always remember to update your antivirus to equip it against latest malware threats.Learn-How-to-speed-up-your-PC

2. Free up resources

Your computer requires a certain amount of memory to run at optimal speed. That is why when you hard drive is nearly full your PC will give you a warning. Also, some programs require a given minimum amount of memory on your hard drive for the PC to execute them properly. Therefore, make sure that the partition on your hard drive on which you have installed the operating system and other programs is left with adequate memory to allow proper running. When you delete files, please go to the recycle bin and empty it. Uninstall all programs that you have no intention of using. This is because some programs start up automatically at boot time they use the computer’s memory at the expense of important programs. Lastly, make sure that you close all the programs that you are not using to free up space for programs that you are running.

3. Turn off desktop features that you actually don’t need

There are many desktop gadgets and features that can be installed on your PC. Most of them make your desktop to appear fanciful and appealing. While this is good for the eyes, it can overwhelm the computing power of your machine. Turn off the features and gadgets that you don’t need such as a watch or calendar. Your computer will be of greater service to you when it is faster than when it displays everything at once.

4. De-fragment your PC’S Hard drive

The more information that you compute and programs that you run on your PC, the more it is likely that windows will place parts of one file in different places. De-fragmenting will put all the information on a single file in one place. This makes the PC to run faster. Please note that you should never de-fragment an SSD drive. This can cause more problems that what you are trying to solve.

5. Make sure that the hardware is sufficient

Some programs require certain hardware requirements. Don’t try to run programs that require more RAM memory or processor speed on a computer that that does not match whatever that is recommended. Even if the program runs it will only be your computer will be slower. Therefore, you can upgrade your hardware to meet the minimum requirements.

6. Clean your registry 

The only way to do this is to use registry cleaner software. There might be many registry entries or changes that are slowing your PC. By clearing them your machine’s speed can improve tremendously. Simply go to the internet and search for a registry cleaner software.

Speed up your PC today and enjoy your work. It is easy and fast and you can do it by yourself. Remember that a slow computer makes you less productive.

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