How important is Network Security?


Oftentimes, Filipinos fail to compare what is happening in reality to the activities and pursuits that occur in the virtual world. As far as we know, there are also criminals, terrorists, and people who would try to make a fortune by stealing what is not theirs all over the internet.

Enterprises and companies were struck because some fall into their traps but they have found ways on how they can avoid being a victim of those by developing and structuring network securities to safeguard what’s theirs. In this article, you will be educated as to what network security is and how it is important to organizations, enterprises, even you.

Network Security
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What is Network Security?

Imagine that you own a concrete business; you would hire guards and watchers in order to look after your establishment, right? Same goes with the internet. Companies look at the internet as a pool of growing market which paved the way of them branching out more online. Network security is the guard of your online business, enterprise, company, or organization; even your personal page.

Any files from music, photos, videos, software, anything that a certain people or group of people own can be stolen on the internet and some do it without breaking a sweat. This is because the tools of criminals have become easier, more susceptible to infiltration, and more sophisticated.

Why is it important?

Just like in our concrete world, there are criminals, terrorists, and malicious people who will try to take down what you have built, steal from you, or to vandalize your online hub. Network security is important in order to rid from those; it is extremely preferred to sites that are well-known because hackers target famous and high-profit yielding establishments as their prospect for crime.

Hackers develop new and better material in order to infiltrate and to penetrate websites that are low on security. Big companies like Microsoft are on its way to developing security that are much more reliable and more impassable.

What are hackers and how can hackers destroy what you have built?

For those who haven’t heard the news about the COMELEC leak, a hacker was the one responsible for the leakage of private information. A hacker is a person who is knowledgeable enough and highly-skilled in programming and is participating in network attacks, private information leakage, and many more crimes they can think of. In simpler terms, a hacker is a talented and skilled individual who uses his ability to steal and to destroy government or private data.

Hackers can breach your system if it does not have a well and properly organized security. As stated earlier, hackers are virtuosos in programming so they will find a way to enter private property in the internet. They can vandalize an enterprise, steal information and sell it, destroy valuable government data, and many more. They are dubbed as “terrorists of the internet” and that alone is not appealing to the ears.

Should Network Security be a priority?

Since growing businesses and since the government is slowly switching to the internet as their threshold of information – yes, it should be prioritized and it should be acted upon as early as now because hackers find ways in order to work around securities; they find ways on how a website’s security can be destroyed and pinned down.

A lot of companies are alarmed because of what happened at COMELEC; that their online houses might be penetrated. That led us to the conclusion that network security in our country should now be thought of well and it should be planned accordingly.

This is just a brief introduction about network security. Stay tuned for more information as regards this topic in order to learn more on how you can lock your safety with the best options possible.

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