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One thing that stands out for me in Android is its ability to provide users with a bigger band of possibilities to overhaul the overall look and functionality of the home screens. There is an array of apps available that allow you to define the arrangement of your home screen, the way it looks and functions, thus making your home screen really stand out.

Using Android, you can add a variety of things on your phone’s home screen, including widgets, shortcuts, folders, apps and more to rejuvenate your Smartphone experience.

In this post, I have collected some handy and my favorite Android apps that help you to make your home screen organized, so you spend less time flipping around certain things and focus more on using your phone.

Experience the New Launcher

If you want to make the most out of your Android’s Smartphone then you must try Launcher. The Launcher resides at the core of Android to ensure a uniform experience with your app menu, widget options, and most obviously the home screen. There are  a variety of launchers which you can try to customize your visual experience with an impressive set of features, options, and even entirely a new way to get content to your home screen.

Nova Launcher is a performance driven app, the Nova Launcher is all what you need to enjoy a clean experience with the single tap of the Home button. The launcher comes packed with a plethora of customizations options to create the perfect Android experience for the users who demand the power on their hand.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher: Screenshot from Google Play

Go Launcher  is another high-performance launcher that lets you enjoy a simple yet elegant mobile experience. The launcher is not only mobile friendly but it also makes the most out of Android’s flexibility in offering spectacular home screen features. Go Launcher is a great option for any type of user and with so many options to choose from, the launcher is surely a stunning choice to extend the look and feel of your device.

Customize Android Home Screen using Go Launcher
Go Launcher: Screenshot from Google Play

Apex Launcher An alternative to Nova, Apex Launcher is a subtle yet elegant default home screen launcher for Android powered devices. The launcher comes packed with everything you need to customize your home screen experience easily and instantly. It features up to 9 customizable home screen grids along with 4 panels, custom set of wallpapers to allow each panel display a different background to suit your practical home screen needs.

Customize your Android Home screen using Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher: Screenshot from Google Play

New and Improved Lock Screens

Every Android device comes with a default lock screen. It’s the first thing you see whenever you turn on your Smartphone. If you are not satisfied with the look of your default lock screen why not trying out some really cool apps  that help you overhaul your home screen in the manner most effect. So, below is the list of some extremely exciting apps that allow you to control the look and functioning of your lock screen.

MagicLocker is an extremely flexible lockscreen app lauded for its striking themes and features. The locker is simple yet powerful enough to help you get the most out of your lock screen. It comes complete with a variety of themes suit the aesthetics of your phone. Not only this, the locker is also praised for its some  spectacular security screen options, which allow users to set up an alternative method to lock your screen. It also helps you establish a quick control over your phone, messages, music, and many other applications.

Customize Android Home Screen using Magic Locker
Magic Locker: Screenshot from Google Play

If you are a follower of some smart and unique lockscreen ideas then you must try Cover. The app makes your Smartphone smarter, logically organizes all your favorite apps, and helps you to connect with your homescreen effortlessly.

Looking for a lockscreen that’s trendy and usable, then Sparky is all what you need. It comes with a variety of both free and paid lockscreens that not only look gorgeous but also allow you to navigate through your phone without any fuss.

Alternate Widgets or Live Wallpapers

Widgets and live wallpapers always come handy when it comes to rejuvenating the overall look of our home screen. As developers continue to work on widgets, the ability to customize and getting detailed widgets is higher than ever. There is an array of apps available that add an edge to your home screen.

HD widgets is a fun and easy way to add customized widgets within your home screen. It offers a plethora of features and options to add clock along with weather, toggles for wi-fi brightness and more.

If you are a travel enthusiasts then you’ll surely fall in love with FlightTrack. Its beautiful design and user experience is designed specifically to meet your traveling needs. It allows you to set your own wallpaper along with flight schedules and more.

Flight Track: Customize Android Home Screen
Flight Track: Screenshot from Google Play

Wrapping Up

The beauty of Android lies in its power to toss at you some remarkably diverse and robust features, and among those, giving you the wherewithal to enhance your phone’s phone without having design it for yourself stands apart. By replacing the dull and placid content on your home screen, it enlivens the device with new features and enhanced functionalities.

About the Author: Juana Steves is an Android developer by profession and working for Xicom Technologies Ltd – a leading Android application development service provider. You can hire Android app developers with her assistance, in case you are willing to avail any related services.

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