7 Warning Signs You Need to Resign

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Nowadays, that the cost of living and stress level at work is rising, where the prices of almost everything is increasing including fuel products- especially when you’re driving to work, not to mention the fare if you’re a commuter, did it ever come across your mind to resign from your current job and find another work that is more convenient and less stressful?

Well, being picky in these times of pandemic is a luxury only few can afford, and if ever you are and your daily life at work is just so toxic and it prompts you to question yourself, “Should I resign?” Then this article is specially made for you, for we have compiled 7 Warning Signs you might ponder on if work has been cruel to you lately.

Warning Signs You Need to Resign
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1. Commute costs you stress, time, and money

It’s always been the travel time. Let’s say for instance your travel time to work back and forth is 4 hours per day times 20 days, that’s 80 hours in a month, divided by 24 hours. See the logic, you are 3 days stuck in vehicle and traffic, plus, if you’re going to multiply it to 12 months, that’s more or less 1 month per year. Well, if you have your own vehicle, this is way less significant but if commuting takes much of your time and money which in turn, caused you stress, maybe it’s the first sign to quit your job.

2. The Work Environment is Toxic

A healthy work environment contributes to your performance at work. But if your workmates are like human CCTVs and all they got to do is closely monitor your mistakes- to the extent you already feel suffocated, maybe, you must consider resigning. Frankly, it’s easier to work if you have a peace of mind. Thus, if your current workplace is paying a toll on your mental and emotional health, then, it’s the second sign for you to look for a new work environment.

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3. Distracted in the Workplace

If you are sensitive when it comes to work, or you get easily distracted with your workmates around you, or you feel paranoid that you might get contaminated of the COVID-19 and spread the virus to the folks inside your house especially to your elderly parents, perhaps, you can think of it as a third sign to leave your job and opt for a WORK-FROM-HOME set-up.

4. Have someone to take care of at home

If you have a small or sick child to look out for, bedridden parents, alcoholic partner or some cute pets you cannot leave alone which make you anxious at work, it might be your fourth sign to stay at home with them and opt for a WORK-FROM-HOME job instead.

5. Underusing your Skills

If you have the competitive spirit and wanted to grow but your company isn’t maximizing your skills, this is your fifth sign. Like you desire to challenge your limit and your full potential but every time you try to give suggestions, your workmates and boss are always in contrary. So, why depends on other people when you can make improvements for yourself?

6. Skeptical with the future of your Company

Delayed Salary. Fear of the unknown. Your personal and professional life is at stake. Remember, a good company is depicted by the degree to which employees have faith in their bosses, their level of pride in their work, and how much they get along with their coworkers. If any of these have been awful for you, it’s time for you to reconsider.

7. Potential Opportunities in Freelancing

With ample patience and dedication, there are lots of online job opportunities in the market such as in LinkedIn, Upwork, or Facebook Groups. The good thing about WORK-FROM-HOME is that, you can spare yourself from the never-ending travel time, no stress, no “marites”, no antithetical bosses, a huge chance of bigger salary and lastly, more time with your family.

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