How to Replace Lost or Damage BIR TIN Card


Accordingly, any person, whether natural or juridical, required under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code to make, render or file a return, statement or other documents, shall be supplied with or assigned a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to be indicated in the return, statement or document to be filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, for his proper identification for tax purposes (Sec. 236 (i) of the Tax Code).

As a matter of fact, it is substantial when applying for credit cards, opening accounts or any bank transactions, doing business transactions, even when you purchase parcel of land or property, or when you wants to register a motor vehicle in your name you must have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

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But what if you lost or damaged it due to inevitable instances. So here are the guidelines to replace lost or damaged TIN card.

Here are the 3 steps How to Replace Lost or Damage BIR TIN Card

  1. Get a copy or download BIR Form 1905 (Application for Registration Information Update) from the BIR website. Log on to BIR eServices website, select BIR Forms on the quick links at the left or go to this link ( to replace lost or damage BIR TIN step 1
  2. Make sure you fill in the applicable spaces correctly. If your case is lost TIN card secure a duly notarized AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS. If damaged attached Old TIN card for the to replace lost or damage BIR TIN step 2
  3. Submit it to the BIR District office where your TIN is currently registered.

That’s it, just wait for a few more days to process your application. Take note no charges required in processing the replacement aside from the duly notarized Affidavit of Loss fee.

You can call and inquire through the BIR Contact Center at 981-8888 or email them at [email protected].

You may visit BIR directory on their website. To check the address and contact numbers of Regional offices, visit their regional offices page or click this link. And for Revenue District Offices on this page.

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