How to Block Websites using Dlink Router

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You can limit the access of computers connected in your Wi-Fi router by blocking the website/websites that you don’t want to access by other user. This is very useful for parents that don’t want their children to access some websites that are not right for their age.

Also useful for limiting your bandwidth usage, example you can block YouTube  and other video streaming sites with consume more bandwidth than regular sites.

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This tutorial gives you step by step procedure how you can block websites, I’m using Dlink DIR 300 router in this example, the screenshot may look different if you have different router.

How to Block Websites

  1. Enter your router’s address in a browser window. In the URL field, enter one of the following numbers based on the model of wireless router you use: – Belkin, Microsoft, and SMC, – Qwest (AKA CenturyLink), Netgear, DLink, Senao, Trendnet, –  Apple. In my case I use I’m using a Dlink router, if your router not included above, search on Google for your router name and include “default IP address” to find the correct information. How to block websites using Dlink Router Step 1Enter your router’s user name and password, if requested. Not all routers require that, but if yours does, it should be listed in the documentation. If your router does require a password, but you didn’t set one, the default password is usually “admin.” You can usually leave the username field blank.
  2. Inside your router settings, in the Left Menu head on to “Parental Control”, see the screenshotHow to block websites using Dlink Router Step 2
  3. Inside the Parental Control tab, you can enter the sites that you want to block or enter only the sites that you want to access, depending on the parental control rules you selected. I my screenshot below I want to block YouTube and Facebook.How to block websites using Dlink Router Step 3

Don’t forget to save your settings if you’re done


Using Dlink WBR 2310, video credits to TheComputertips YouTube Channel

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Video credits to Doxa Theou

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