Gabbie, Women’s New Friend Regarding Sexual Harassment

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Here in the Philippines, sexual harassment is still a big issue. Although it’s not noticeable in some groups and peers, it’s widely being observed in most parts of the archipelago. A lot of our women fear voicing out for them to avoid being judged but with our technology now, reporting sexual harassment has never been easier.

Gabriela, a Philippine women’s group that aims to aid Filipinas against sexual harassment, launched a chat bot on Facebook that would filter and make things easier in terms of reporting. Gabbie, the chat bot is said to help Filipinas in danger, makes it easier for sexual harassment victims to seek help.


Who is Gabbie and what does it do?

Gabbie is the go-to chat bot if you want to report something about sexual harassment. It’s more like sending a person a message on Facebook; to make things simpler, it was built so that Gabbie can filter different scenarios and situations tailor-fit to each victim.

Gabbie will ask what type of harassment the person has gone through; then it will respond with an explanation. In addition to that, Gabbie was also coded with information based on Philippine law, so it can identify which law was violated.

Of course, everything that you and Gabbie will talk about will remain confidential. If an individual wants to set a complaint against a sex offender, Gabbie will ask a set of questions. After the information has been given, the file can be printed or downloaded. It can then be submitted to a lawyer, a company’s HR department, or government agencies to file a formal complaint. Moreover, it can also be sent directly to Gabriela so that they can be the ones to help the victim out.

Good thing about this is that, sexual harassment is not just limited to women

Even though the stigma of sexual harassment revolves around women, Gabbie is not limited to serve just women. Although rare, male sexual harassment also happens but the topic gets cut easily because men doesn’t want to be labeled as “weak,” or “incompetent.”

Nevertheless, you now know that Gabbie serves the male population as well. Note that as of the moment, Gabbie can only understand English but of course, moderators are on the process of adding different languages for different sets of people.

How do you report sexual harassment through Gabbie?

It’s actually simple; you would need to have internet connection, though.

Gabbie mobile

1. First thing you need to do is to search GabbiebyGabriela on Facebook. If you’re using a browser, you can directly access this link:

2. Once you reach her page, there will be a prompt there to send her a message. Of course, that’s what you want to do.

3. After clicking that, you will see Gabbie’s introduction as the anti-harassment bot, etc. Hit on the Get Started button.

4. You will then be redirected to the messenger app where you can simply chat with Gabbie. You will have two (2) options: I was harassed and What is harassment? We need to select I was harassed in this instance.

5. After that, you need to specify what type of harassment you went through:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Online harassment
  • Street harassment; and
  • Harassment from strangers, family members, and friends

6. After you specify, you will need to answer questions Gabbie will ask. Note that you need to answer in full and extreme detail of what you’ve gone through.

7. Gabbie will then compile everything you’ve spoken about in a harassment form which you can print or download. You can submit this through:

  • Your HR department
  • Lawyer
  • Local Government Unit; or
  • Send it straight to Gabriela for them to take action on it

Note that everything that you’ve said will remain confidential. Moreover, it won’t be displaying in the page on who communicated with Gabbie or whatsoever.

What importance does Gabbie have in our society today?

A lot of people undermine the fact that sexual harassment is all over the place. You might be thinking why it’s not being sent up to our higher government offices? Well, these types of harassment involve life threatening situations. By having Gabbie with us, a victim can subtly report his or her experiences without the fear of having judgement.

However I am more concerned with people being judged by this. There is nothing wrong with reporting that you have been a victim of whatever kind of sexual harassment. Sexual offenders need to go and Gabbie is one of the things our government has put up to deal with this kind of mess.

Another important reminder is to have Gabbie in your bookmarks or favorites. If you’re going to be in that kind of situation, searching for GabbiebyGabriela won’t be the easiest thing to do, right? So you’re better off accessing Gabbie by just one tap of a button.

As of the moment, Gabbie is a chat bot that has limited capabilities. One of which is that she can only understand English. Moreover, Gabbie still can’t comprehend diverse questions and scenarios. However, Gabbie is one tool that can help reshape the face of sexual harassment and of course, our government is on its way to improving our anti-harassment friend.

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