Best Websites to Find Online Jobs in the Philippines

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Online jobs have become even more in demand in the Philippines, especially during the pandemic. Since many Filipinos have lost their days jobs and the traditional works have less demand for labor such as the hospitality industry, many are also struggling financially or even make end meets. Thus, opting to switch careers and getting online jobs has been the best solution these days, or for the long term. Whether you are tired of your regular job and wanted to try something new, or looking for better opportunities and an additional source of income, there are a lot of best websites to find online jobs in the Philippines.

In addition, if you still want to continue your career or pursue your passion right at the comfort of your homes, there are several niches for online jobs from English teachers to virtual assistants that you can choose from. Working on home-based online jobs also has a lot of advantages including no hassle of traveling just to get to work, lesser daily expenses, working in your comfort, and as well as having more than one more job. Meaning you can earn more than your regular jobs as long as you can juggle all the works.

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So without further ado, here are the best websites to find online jobs in the Philippines.

Online Jobs Sites

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  1. Online Jobs – an online platform connecting foreign businesses to Filipino workers with lower rates than foreign workers.
  2. Remote Staff – is an Australian founded website accepting job applicants with a minimum of 3 years of work experience for their wide range of work.
  3. Virtual Coworker – is a Philippine-based site with international clients from Canada, United States, and Australia. Virtual Coworker has connected over 1,500 workers with their 1,000 plus clients.
  4. PeoplePerHour- smaller than the platform Upwork, PeoplePerHour is a UK-based site connecting businesses and freelance workers.
  5. – is another Philippine-based online platform for Filipinos looking for online jobs in the country.
  6. 199Jobs- offering several niches from writing gigs to graphic designing, 199jobs is a Philippine-based platform connecting Filipino freelancers and businesses.
  7. Upwork- is one of the largest and most famous platforms for freelancers across the world, connecting businesses and freelancers with specialized skills.
  8. Freelancer– is a bit similar to Craiglist, offering mostly project-based jobs and pays dollars per hour.
  9. Fiverr- is one of the best places to start your freelancing career. It is an online marketplace where you can contact clients hiring a freelancer with specialized skills such as a financial consultant or web developer.
  10. Outsourcely- is an international online platform that connects over 400,000 freelancers to 180 countries. Also, freelancers do not need to pay any fee to get remote work.
  11. Craigslist- is an American classified ads website allowing for sale items, services, as well as job postings.
  12. LinkedIn- is like a social media platform for professionals or individuals offering specific skills. It is an online job listing site where you can post your details and connect to thousands of employers worldwide. Also, LinkedIn has over 700 million jobs posting from start-ups to giant companies.
  13. SourceFit- caters to small and medium enterprises looking for staffing solutions for its wide range of business.
  14. PhilTeamFinder- primarily focuses on full-time home-based employments, connecting Filipino workers to overseas employers. They also provide free training to their applicants.
  15. WeWorkRemotely- is one of the largest online jobs platforms founded in 2011. They offer high-paying jobs for applicants across the world.

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Niche Based Sites

  1. 51Talk Ph- is the best site for English teachers offering online jobs to teach Chinese students the English language. They offer free training, individual classes up to 25 minutes, and group classes lasting up to 50 minutes. The rate per hour ranges to P108 for starters and can reach up to P200 for advanced instructors.
  2. 5Star VA- is a site focusing on connecting virtual assistants (VA) and foreign clients looking for VAs for their businesses.
  3. BizMates- is a similar English teaching platform like 51 Talk Ph, but catering to Japanese professional clients looking for English instructors to learn the English language for business purposes.
  4. Freelance Writing Jobs- is a writing niche site offering online jobs to those who have a passion for writing or writers, such as blog posts, copywriting, and editing jobs.
  5. 99designs- is one of the best sites for graphic designers in the Philippines. It is an online job platform offering graphic design jobs such as web designing, logo making, creating book covers, and other design-related tasks.
  6. Crowdsite- is another website for graphic designers, offering design competitions for graphics and logos that can be used for businesses.
  7. crowdSPRING- also caters to graphic designers and is one of the biggest marketplaces worldwide for sourcing graphic design works, as well as writing jobs.
  8. DesignCrowd- is similar to crowdSPRING, serving as an online marketplace for graphic design works and services by connecting graphic designers and design studios to employers worldwide.
  9. Sankei Online English- is an online English school catering to Japanese and hiring ESL English instructors in the Philippines.
  10. Stackoverflow- is the perfect site for programmers and software development tasks.

Online BPO

Another plus list on this article is the BPO companies offering home-based jobs including:

  1. 2ndOffice- is an outsourcing solutions company in the Philippines with several job offerings for Filipinos such as BPO call center agents.
  2. 5 Star VA- also hires Filipino workers looking for BPO call center jobs.
  3. Outsourced- is an Australian-funded online BPO platform with several well-known clients such as Fox Sports, and Yamaha.
  4. Pepper Virtual Assistant- is an online platform sourcing excellent VAs, as well as BPO call center agents.
  5. Virtual Done Well- is another online job platform connecting VAs and employers, and hires BPO call center agents.

Keep in mind, although the listed sites are all legit, ensure that the job posting you are applying for has a credible employer record. Also, before closing a contract follow safety procedures to avoid scammed transactions.

To sum it up, looking for online jobs requires a lot of patience and added safety caution to ensure that your efforts won’t be wasted. Furthermore, study the niche you want to get into and get online training for certification to be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field.

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