How to write a good CV or Resumè


If you think that writing a resume is easy, think again.  A good, well-written resume is really challenging to come by; there are a lot of factors that recruiters and human resources teams check whether you are fit or unfit for the position you are applying for.  A great, well-structured resume is just one key factor for you to ensure your position at a company.  Here are a few guidelines you should remember for you to have an edge among other applicants rooting to land a job:

We all know that resumes are the platforms of our passes to a certain company; without it, they wouldn’t know if you are the one they are looking for.  Writing a good resume is as good as presenting yourself in a well-modified, classy manner.

How to write a good resume
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Be sure to put your name and contact number on top of your resume

This may sound irrelevant but this action alone can provide you a job.  A lot of people tend to put their contact information at the side of their templates, sometimes at the bottom and this one is a clear out point from your resume.  Be sure to put your contact information on top of your template because this one symbolizes that this whole paper is about you and your experience and of course, for the recruiters not to miss out on where to find your personal information.

Provide bullet points

No one would be thrilled to look at a messy, unorganized paper, right?  Be sure to provide bullet points to discuss the accomplishments you have made, the work experience you had, abilities you possess, objectives you planned to do, etc.  Keep it clean, and organized and you can expect a positive response.

Double-check the accomplishments you want to include

Yes, we all know how great you are, how great you have been but there are accomplishments that are not that important as regards to the job you are applying for.  Know what position you are applying for, then double-check the accomplishments you will include in your resume; make sure that it has some kind of edge or relevance to the position you are rooting for.

Use the right words

There are a lot of words, we all know that but it is important that you know what words to use in order to describe yourself and the accomplishments and experiences you’ve had.   There are lists of powerful, influencing words all over the internet that you could use in your resume.

Specify your accomplishments and experiences

Put a number, or date, or time of the accomplishments you’ve had; the more specific, the better.  Your resume is the paper for the experience and the accomplishments you’ve had, it’s not a paper about subjectively discussing what general traits you own or the good deeds you have done to other people.  Try to quantify the accomplishments and experience you owned.

Do not list your hobbies and interests

The company needs to know what you can do for them, they do not need to be aware of what kind of person you are; the things you like and dislike is not part of their measure on whether they will or will not hire you.  Yes during an interview you can state hobbies and interests of your choice and connect them to what skill you acquire, but this list should not be a part of your resume.

Do not put every bit of information in your resume

This is actually one of the best tips I have stumbled upon in my years of passing resumès.  The goal of passing the resumè is for the employer or recruiter to be interested in you, not to know everything about you.  Save critical, relevant information about yourself for the interview; let your resumè be the leverage on what you can offer the company; it’s sort of a teaser of some kind.

Always remember that a good resumè is an honest one; you can never go wrong with being honest.  It is also very important to put into mind that a good resumè is just the first step for landing the job you want; there will be interviews, many interviews and you also need to prepare for that.

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