How to Apply for Online Jobs

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Job hunting for online jobs is just like looking for office or company work except that you will end up working on the comfort of your own home. Thus, many Filipinos resort to this kind of work due to the convenience it brings to the workers especially those who workers who have family with small kids.

As a preparation, you need to update your resume to be attractive for the employers. It need not be so bulky as long as the basic information are there like your work experiences, educational attainment and personal background for the employers to see what are your competencies and skills. You may also include your reference persons for the prospective employer to call in case they need information from you.

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There are three common online sites that employers browse to hire Filipinos because they know the competence of Filipinos especially in speaking and writing in the English Language. These three are (formerly O’desk), and Depending on your skills, you can log in on these sites for free and update your information there. You can also prepare for sample work so that in case when your prospective employer ask you to provide a sample, you can give it right away, therefore gaining his respect.

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So here are a few tips to be successful in your work online.

  1. Do not try to apply for a job that you are not an expert with nor for a job that it will take a longer time for you to finish. Assess your skills and ability thoroughly and practice as often as you can to be competent.
  2. If not confident on your skills, try to apply for simple jobs like data entry, excel work, typing work or answering surveys or commenting on blogs that are familiar to you.
  3. When accepted, take note to meet the deadlines and do the job in the best of your ability because online employers will have a tendency to rehire you from time to time on long-term contracts.
  4. Do not give up easily on waiting for calls or interviews, but instead, make follow-ups on your application so that the employer will know the interest that you have on the job.
  5. Avoid making arrangements outside of your chosen site. For instance, if you are accepted for a job in Upwork, follow the payment terms there for you to be safeguarded and not to be fooled by fraudulent employers who just assign you jobs but would not pay you. Avoid an arrangement that the employer will pay outside of the site that you are using because there is a great tendency that you are fraudulent.
  6. There are jobs that are done on escrow, meaning, the employer will just pay you if your work is okay. This is not bad at all, this is one way to enhance your skills and do not be hesitant to try those jobs because in the long run, you will be highly competent by always practicing on your task.
  7. Revise work if it needs revision, do not think that your time is wasted, this is one way to establish long-term relationship with clients because they will be happy for people who cater their needs and accept corrections.

Lastly, remember to put honest information on your resume so that you will not find difficulty if ever you are hired for a certain job that you claim you know of. It is worth to be honest in terms of job competence.

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