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Everyday it seems that a new version of the latest technology hits the stores. I recently upgraded my cellphone and now there are new versions of what I thought was the latest model of my phone. It can be a bit hard to keep up with, but it is definitely worth learning more about.

There has been a great deal of hype about Apple’s iPhone 6. There are also plenty of buzz about other great smartphones on the market soon as well. Each new phone offers a less expensive alternative and special features that can be appealing to different people.

Let’s find out..

While there are many things that most of us look for in an iPhone, many of these same features can be found in the Android alternatives that already exist on the market.

If you want to have some of the great features offered by the iPhone 6 but want to save money, you may want to get one of these great alternatives instead.

Samsung is still on top

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is where it is at. It offers a 5.7 inch display screen, resolution that is “quad HD” which means four times more pixels than their lesser HD currently offers. And, if that is not up your alley, there is another new Samsung model called the Galaxy Note Edge. This model offers a curved edge and great features. The actual price for the Galaxy Note 4 will be about $300 and $600 if there is no contract according to CNET.

Some advantages from Sony

Another great alternative to the iPhone 6 is the Sony Xperia Z3. While you do not hear people talking about Sony phones very often, Sony is definitely making interesting improvements like advanced camera technology with waterproof features. In fact, both Sony Xperia Z2 and Sony Xperia Z3 are waterproof.

When you have a great cellphone, water damage can be a big concern. These models eliminate one potential worry. I am definitely a fan of the waterproofing technology. Each model also offers you a 20.7 megapixel camera. According to CNET, the Z2 model costs about $540 on Amazon. The Z3 should be in the same approximate ballpark price.

Motorola is shining again

If you would like to go another route, the Motorola Moto X is another sound choice. It has a bigger screen. It is now 5.2 inches and has a 13 megapixel upgraded camera. It can function with the Moto 360 smartwatch which is a unique feature.

It also has a really great battery life according to CNET reports. It will set you back about $400 plus about $50 with a two year contract for the older model. The newer model will cost you about $500. I think it is worth the extra hundred dollars to get the newest model.

LG G3 VS iPhone

You can also take time to check out the LG G3 phone. This phone has a 5.5 inch display screen. It also has updated camera and processor technology. I am on a tighter budget than most people, so the price tag for this phone is very appealing. It is only about $200 with a two year Verizon contract. Without a contract it is about $600. For new technology and a great deal, this phone really fits well in my budget.

Why HTC deserves credit

And last but not least, the HTC One is another alternative to the iPhone 6. It has a 5 inch display screen and stereo speakers. It also has a depth sensing camera that offers plenty of great features. The HTC One costs about $150 with a Verizon contract and about $600 without one. I like the idea of a really good speaker system on my phone as well as the price tag.

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