iPhone 7 Rumored Specs, Features, and Release Date

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A lot of our entire population look forward to seeing the successor of the mighty iPhone 6S+. Many also report to know the agenda and the revelations on what the brand new iPhone can offer. Just this 29th of August, 2016, Apple made an official announcement that “something” is happening on the 7th of September this year and it is most likely the release of the most awaited iPhone 7 plus the Apple Watch 2. Although there are no concrete sources as to how this phone would look like, rumors have been swirling in and out of the global topics.

In this article, we would be relaying the rumors that have been around and we will let you be the judge on how true the rumors are.

iPhone 7
Image from Cnet

Brand new design

iPhone users and fans have been going on about the similarity of the iPhone clan. As the rumors go, Apple would add another color in their arsenal and the color would be “Space Black.” Aside from this, there were also leaks and rumors that the new model would be feature liquid metal, water-resistant, and the antenna lines on the smartphone would be gone.

If the leaks pose to be true, then it would be a tough match between the kings of the industry. It is actually interesting since the Space Black color is just an extension of the Space Gray but prove to be much different in a more sophisticated manner.

The Units

A Chinese social media site posted some leaks of the models that will come out on the said date of Apple – the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7S, and the iPhone 7 Pro. It is actually a no-brainer if you think about it. Rumors say that the iPhone 7 Pro will contain dual-cameras which would totally change the game.

The Build

People say that the actual build of the phone is no different from the previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S but with a twist. In 2017, there are rumors that the new phone released on the year would contain a different home button which is pressure sensitive just like on the Mac laptops.

Also, headphone jacks will also be removed because it will be then replaced by Wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity; so much for high-technology, right? Wireless charging is also in the pipe line.

Memory would also then step-up starting from 32GB to 256GB as the leaks and rumors show. It would be a hell of storage if they pursue this type of memory storage.


As far as the rumors want to take all of us, it is just best to hope for the best but do not expect too much since disappointment is always just by our sides. It is important to always keep in mind that rumors are rumors unless they are proven to be true; there is no official release of the phone yet but users and fans sure do hope that they will get what they yearn for.

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