How the Rich make Opportunities knock at their Door


Opportunities don’t knock twice. How many times have you heard it said? But, do you really think this adage is true?

The fact of the matter is that you can make opportunities knock at your door as many times as you want. Haven’t you ever heard of people who have become successful, then fizzled out, and then resurged to become better than before? It happens all the time around us. Opportunities don’t come by only once. However, to make them come to you over and over again, you need some skills.

Understanding Opportunities

Firstly, you must understand what an ‘opportunity’ means. Just like God, opportunities come in various shapes and sizes too. A simple email address could be your opportunity. A visiting card lying on your desk unclaimed could be your opportunity. An evening at the mall could be your opportunity because you might meet someone special. The thing is, you should not play down anything. Anything can turn your life for the better.

Recall Value

Sometimes, you need to go back and think. You have to remember things. When you meet a familiar face suddenly on the road, if you are able to immediately place them, they might be so impressed with you that they invite you for a business deal. A good memory always helps. You will see that all people at the helm have great memories. Get into some memory building exercises if you aren’t gifted with a natural elephantine memory.

Never Saying “Die”

Most people who meet with failure once are liable to think that they will never succeed again. To add to that, there are several detractors all around them who always tell they won’t be able to rise again. However, it is very important that you don’t bow down to what others think. You have to be sure that a new opportunity will be found and you will become better.

Never stop looking for Opportunities

Usually, when someone finds that they have found something good, they stop looking for anything else. Probably, you are already into a successful business venture. When such a situation is present, you are quite unlikely to look at anything else closely. However, you must make sure that you don’t stop looking. Maybe, a new opportunity will come your way and taking it up can make you richer than you were before. Take a look at Donald Trump, or any successful businessperson for that matter. They already have their own highly powerful businesses. But, does that stop them from looking at other avenues? They are always diversifying, and giving their new opportunities the same energy that they gave their first one.

These four qualities ensure that the opportunities never stop coming to you. You gain from strength to strength. This is what pushes you on.

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