Tips how to clear Candy Crush 109 Level with video


Are you frustrated when playing candy crush because you cannot beat candy crush 109? Well to be honest and maybe all of the people playing candy crush will agree that the Candy Crush game is a game of luck.

I can say this because the candy crush arrangement is unpredictable, every time you started a new game it has different arrangement, and you don’t know how many times you started the game level before it appear the same arrangement again.

Candy Crush 109

In order to defeat or clear candy crush 109 or candy crush level 109, you must focus on this simple tip that I will mention;

  • You must focus on the bomb, the bomb will begin to count down each time you make your move and the game will end if reaches 0. To take out more than 1 bomb at once, you can use horizontal striped candy or combos like wrapped+striped and color bomb+striped.
  • To remove the trapped jelly use stripped candies or striped candy + color bomb candy, by using a combo of stripped candy + color bomb you can clear all the jelly at once if your lucky. If you can’t make a combo use a stripped just make sure that it will align in the jelly that you want to remove, this may take some  planning and luck to align the stripped candy in the jelly.
  • Always look for matches near the bottom of your board, It is better to make matches near the bottom if you cannot make any combos or stripped candy. If you removed the candies below your board you can move all the candies on your board, with luck you can make combos with the candies that fall into places.

Always keep in mind the tips mention above if you attempt to play candy crush 109 again. You may not defeat level 109 easily, but with a simple strategy, patience and luck you will.

You may take a look, this video walkthrough to guide and clear candy crush level 109.

Video credit to Cool Apps Man

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