How to choose College Major that’s Right for You


So you just got out of high school, namely the new K-11 and K-12 system, just proud of where you are and now ready to take up college – but what exactly do you want as a major? If you have one in mind, lucky you because there are a lot of students that are now in college and are still not satisfied with what they are taking.

You just can’t rely on what you love because not all the things you love can give you food on the table, you just can’t just rely on what can give you money because if you planted hatred on that then you would not be able to enjoy it. How do you choose the right college major for you?

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Before we dive deeper into the scene, do you know what a college major is?

  • The college major is what you will specialize in throughout your study. Although at first there will be courses that would clearly be irrelevant of your program, these are important courses that are designed to skeletally help you in your major

If that’s the case, then how is it extremely relevant in my life?

  • Your decision on what to take up as a major would either define your future job or your future profession. Although there are students now that just finish college in order to get a degree, (because they already are lined up for something) it is still relevant because you would be known to have finished that program and would be known to be a master of that program or major.

So how can I choose the major for me?

Before you enter college, try and find out the things that interest you the most; try to think of it as something that you would do even if you are dead tired. A lot of high school students still haven’t finalized or they are yet to make up their minds on what major to take and believe me, that has become the current norm. So let these categories define what your college major decision will be:

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The income

Who would work for love? Who would work for friendship? Of course, this is what you’ll be expecting after a hard day’s work. Try to think of the income you will be getting from the major that you have in mind. At the end of the day, this factor is the one responsible for putting meat on top of the table.

Your dream job as a 7 year-old

You want to be a pilot? You want to cruise ships and sail the world? You want to own malls, cities, and hotels? Reminisce and communicate with your 7 year-old self and ask for his opinion. Aside from this, you should also know the circumstances that your family has as regards to the capability of you chasing your dreams. Who knows, maybe the young you was right.

Your heart

Of course, we could not just rely on income, we could not just rely on the “what’s in” because if we do not learn to love what we are doing, we would be miserable – it would just be nothing but paper for you. Find out what you love, travel more and experience more in order to unlock the gates of your happiness. If you fail, try to love something new and maybe, that’s just the answer to your questions.

Thanks for the tip but, what if I change my mind?

That’s the beauty of academics – it enables you to learn more about different things simultaneously. Of course, no person would be alive if he doesn’t change his mind. You can shift programs or majors; you can love new things but keep in mind that there are majors that are end to end from each other which means that all of the basic stuff you have studied before might just be not credited to the new program you will now undergo. In simpler terms, all of those might just be erroneous; so be careful when shifting courses.

These are general tips to help you choose your major. It is not always right to follow your heart, it is not always right to just work for the love of money; try to mix them up both and lay out options after doing so. This might help you decide on what major you can go with.


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