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SSS-PRN generation for SSS real-time processing of contributions

SSS Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC)

The Social Security System (SSS), being one of the government bodies, would oblige employees to pay monthly contributions for them to be eligible to...

Here’s How You Can Pay Your SSS Contributions Online

If you're working in the private sector, chances are you're more than well-versed on how contributions work. Contributions whether in the Social Security System...

Where and How to Complain About Unremitted SSS Contributions by Employer

SSS Contributions are one of the requirements of employees getting their benefits. Moreover, without this, there won't be any proof that a member is...
Voluntary SSS contribution

How Much Is The Required Monthly Contributions For Voluntary Members Of The SSS?

Not so much different from employed Social Security System (SSS) members, voluntary members also need to pay for their contributions. To start, voluntary members...

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