Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

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The future is slowly becoming a brink of ultimate fiction because of the continuous improvements in the world of smartphones. 10 years ago, our lives and livelihoods were different and now, it has truly become the future. Big phones are gradually taking over the small but terrible ones and it started when apple released their big-sized phones like the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus +. Samsung has not yet given up until they released their newest pieces like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung had their Galaxy Note way back and they are not displaying weakness in stopping it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is being dubbed as the best smartphone of 2016 and here is why.

The Design

Samsung is continuing their improvements on the build and the design of their smartphones. With metal and glass edges lying on rounded corners, the design is totally up for grabs. It probably will be the best-looking phone we will ever see that is beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations.

The curved display (rounded corners) is the most talked about because it does not only bring flexibility to the device, it also displays ultimate style and sophistication. The phone is proportionally smaller than other phones in its class being 4mm narrower and 4.7mm shorter than the iPhone6S +, and 2.2mm shorter than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This phone is actually projecting the “I am easier on the hands” type of look with 6.1” with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution.

The Display

Same as the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Note 7 has the type of Super AMOLED quad HD resolution display which is one of the best traits of Samsung. It gives you the ultimate array of color-display that would totally wow everyone who experiences it. It has a pixel density of 558ppi, the individual pixels are just impossible to notice.

Out with the specifications that 4K will be added, High Dynamic Range or HDR was the one added to this super phone. The idea of HDR is actually not far from 4K because opening up sets of apps will boost and make apps alive with HDR.

Software, Processor, Storage, and its RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 runs on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and has available 4GB of RAM which is true to the bone. It has an available 64GB internal storage plus the micro SD slot so that users can widen their memory to the fullest.

The memory and its RAM, when combined together ultimately assures you of a fast, flawless, and reliable performance plus its water resistance feature that would hinder water in the ports and the places where water can destroy.

The Camera

Coming down from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a 12-megapixel camera which is the same for the S7 series. Their new and improved fast focus has been the emphasis on the continuous development of the camera. It arguably is being compared to the camera status of the newest iPhones but the Note 7 is being dubbed as the best camera in smartphones available in the market right now. It has 1.7 aperture which is excellent for light shots and focuses.

Battery Life

It has a 3, 500mAh battery which is roughly around 17-20% larger than last year’s Note 5. It also has the fast charging feature which is the bomb and the battery can last up to a day of use even though your smartphone is running the entire time.

With the AMOLED display, the HD-ness of the phone is not actually battery draining. The phone’s specs help each other to bring out the best in it.


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the bomb; with the features not far from what Samsung has best, and camera that is now on fast auto-focus, the specifications of the phone is truly gold especially when you consider everything. The phone’s ability to let users experience best is what makes it the best smartphone available in the market today.

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