How to See hidden Message in Facebook

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Facebook has a secret inbox that regular user didn’t know exist, the inbox contains messages that other people¬†not in your friends list are sent to you. Facebook filtered this message and keep hidden without any notifications to the user.

If you’re not familiar with this, you may be missing important messages that someone sent to you. In this article you will learn how to see the hidden message in Facebook. Follow the instructions that I will list down below.

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How to See hidden message in Facebook using browser

1. First, I will show to you how to see hidden message using a browser, while login to your Facebook account, head on to your messages, click Message icon > Message Requests then click the “See Filtered Requests” at the bottom of the window.Facebook-Hidden-Message1

2. It will reveal to you all the hidden and filtered messages that Facebook didn’t inform you when someone send it to you.

How to See hidden message in Facebook using Facebook Messenger

1. Here’s how to see hidden or filtered messages in Facebook Messenger, I will use Android device in taking screenshots. Open and login to Messenger, tap menu icon at the bottom right part of the window then select “Message Requests”.Facebook-Hidden-message-android1

2. Head on the “Filtered Requests” section and tap the “See all” to view all the filtered message in your inbox.Facebook-Hidden-Message-Android2

3. You can now see all the hidden message in your Facebook inbox.How to see hidden message in Messenger

Now that you already know the hidden messages in your Facebook account make sure to check it regularly, because you will not notify if you receive the message. Unlike if your friends send any message you will immediately see a notification in order for you to reply.

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