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If you have passion in writing, and you want to share your work with other people, but don’t have time or not enough knowledge to create a blog, you can use Facebook as your platform to publish your articles. Using Facebook notes you can easily publish articles with your Facebook account.

In the recent updates, Facebook notes looks similar to a blog post where you can add a header image and write with a clean, readable serif font, you can take a look of the sample article created in Facebook notes here.

Now that you know what you can do with the new Facebook note, I will guide you how to create your first note, since when you first use Facebook notes, I find it hard to find.

Create Facebook Note

  1. To start, login in to your Facebook account, and search for “My notes” in the search bar. Click on the first App that appear on on the results.Create Facebook Note Step 1
  2. Facebook Notes will open, click “Add Note” button to begin.Create Facebook note step 2
  3. The Facebook notes platform will open where you can create your article. To add a header picture, hover your mouse at the top section and click to select the picture from your computer.Create Facebook Notes step 3
  4. Choose the picture that best describe your article, once you selected the picture it will automatically upload and attached to your article header.Create Facebook Note step 4
  5. Next is to write the title and the content of your article, click on the title section and add the title of your article, the same in the content. You can also format your content, insert image, using the control that that are provided located on the left.Create Facebook Note step 5
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your article, hit the publish button located at the bottom, you can also select whether you want it to publish publicly, to your friends only or save it for later edits.Create Facebook Note step 6

Please note that if you hit the publish button, it will also automatically share to your timeline, if you selected to publish publicly it will be visible to all.

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