How to Write a Resignation Letter


Everybody goes through that special moment of leaving the zone where he is so comfortable that he rarely thinks about how to fit in. There will come a time that you have to leave something in order to attain a better position to have a better life or to cope with what you have in the best ways possible. This also applies in your career; you will come across a moment where you have to say good bye – to resign.

Resignations are not always that unpleasant. There are times when the decision you made about resigning benefits you so well that you go back to that moment and thank everything that made you resign. This article will prepare you,  guide you, and instruct you in composing a resignation letter that will truly mark the hearts of your employers and your colleagues.

How to write resignation letter
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Part 1: The greetings

Everyone got the chance to experience writing this – Dear mom, dear dad, dear everyone. You don’t actually have to sugarcoat everything from the beginning. You don’t actually need to be sincere as well, just start with simple words, your position and the effective date of your resignation.

Do not get excited to tell the reason why you plan on leaving the company. May it be because of health, financial reasons, better offers, etc.; wait for the right moment because remember, timing is key.

Dear boss,

With the hopes of your deepest considerations, kindly accept this letter as a formal notification that I am now resigning from my position of (your position) with (company’s name). My last day will be (effective date).

Part 2: The lessons and the thanks

It is always safe to assume that bosses like to get rewarded by telling them you have learned a lot from them, even though that is not always the case. In this section, you tell them the things you’ve picked up while you are still part of the company, why you will always cherish the time spent inside that wonderful office and thank them for the opportunity of being a part of the company’s success or even failure.

Never forget the word thank you in this part to project to your employer that you really did enjoy and learnt from the company.   Also, this is the perfect time to tell your employer the reason you’re leaving; do not forget to mention that you hate leaving… but you really now should.

I thank you for I picked up a lot of great lessons and things from my stay within the vicinity of our company. The work was acceptable and reasonable and I really did enjoy being a part of this wonderful gather. I am leaving because (reason). Unfortunately, I am not able to cope with that which is why I decided to part from the company.

Part 3: The goodbye and regards

“There are no goodbyes, just see you later,” you think that is true? I think not. Most people leave the company because they are already tired of the workload and they wish they never would have to speak to their bosses ever again. Be sincere in this part and always remember that you are just another employee, ready to be replaced.

Do not forget to send regards to the company as a form of gratitude of them accepting you as an employee of the constitution or the business.

I want to thank everyone who had been a part of my life here at (company’s name). I will cherish the things you all taught me. I send my deepest and most solemn regards to you, your family, and your family here at (company’s name). I hope and pray that you gain success in your current and future career.

*Things to remember

  • Be transparent as possible. Think of it as it’s like the last time you’ll ever talk to them again
  • Do not mention anything related to the confidentiality between you, your employer, or the company itself.
  • Bring out the best in the company.
  • Double check everything while you compose your letter
  • Print two (2) copies of the letter for the company and yourself and have your bosses sign it as proof of you passing the resignation

It is really not that hard to compose a resignation letter. All you need is a little courage of spatting out everything you need to and a lot of creativity to compose a well-written letter that would make them feel proud of having you. It’s not actually rocket-science.

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